Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, November 22, 2015

INI Kamoze - Jah Never Fail I 7'' [1995 Sounds Klik Original Pressing]

Not many tunes appear on the Rough Inna Town riddim (one of my faves) by Phillip Fattis Burrell, but every one that does is sheer madness in my humble opinion. I posted Frankie Paul's Song Of Freedom previously, and recently acquired this release. They are both as ridiculous as the original version by Luciano and Cocoa Tea in their own unique ways. I find it funny that this vinyl record features a picture of a CD printed on it, but I guess that was cutting edge back then! The version on here was so crucially dubbed, that I've chosen to post it here for you as well. Oh, and a repress has appeared on the Exterminator label as well, for anyone seeking a cheaper alternative. Stay thirsty my friends-

Gunnie Pepper - Jah Lives 7'' [199x Burro International Original Pressing]

Oh my, this is a ruff cut! Mid 90's remake of Jammy's famous Run Down The World riddim, featuring rasta lyrics and added synth effects. This release pleasantly straddles the divide between the hardcore dancehall and roots revival genre's. There is another version of this release on the Burro label featuring Yellowman chatting with Gunnie and is also called Jah Lives. Big up to my tocayo, DJ Funky Riddims out of Berkeley, CA for providing the record!

Shaka Samba - Carry Something Fi Me 7'' [1987 Oneness Original Pressing]

Catchy little Sleng Teng tune, on same version as Chicken Chest's Don't Kill Entertainer, also on Oneness (the two tracks appear together on a 12'' release). I believe I posted the Chicken Chest on here previously, though may need a reup. Lyrics talk about going abroad and all your family and friends asking you to pick them up something while you're there. Very real situation, as much of Jamaica's informal economy depended on foreign goods brought in by higglers and merchants in this manner. Apparently Samba did not fancy himself in this regard haha!

Anthony Redrose - Borderline 7'' [199x How Yu Fi Sey Dat Original Pressing]

Crucial reality lyrics by the don Redrose over a stunning digital update of Hot Milk riddim! Love the horns intro, and backing female vocals on the chorus. There are a couple other cuts on the same version and label, though this one is my favorite... another nice one is Collie Weed and Chuckleberry's Murderer chune.

Ijahman Levy - President Mandela 7'' [1994 Jahmani Original Pressing]

I've been getting into mid 90's tunes more lately, though being picky about staying true to a dancehall sound. Here is a perfect example of some rough digi roots from the era on a tried and trued Tempo riddim. Not one you see too often, and definitely worth picking up if you stumble across it. Interesting tune for Levy too, as he didn't do much crossover material like this. I'm a sucker for anything Tempo though, as I'm sure many of you already know!

Little John - Dibby Dibby Lover 7'' [1987 Vena Original Pressing]

On a dark cut of Tonight riddim, same version as featured on the rare Vena LP, Prisoner Of War Vol, 1: The Plan. This cut however is not on the LP. Repress of this are aplenty too, so beware!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Danny Coxson - Hustling 12'' [198x Star Gem Original Pressing]

Upbeat and bubbly self-produced cut by Ever Red aka Danny Coxson, and released on his own NYC based label. Released as a 12'' only originally, but repressed last year on 7'' by DDR as well as a few other rare and deadly Coxson cuts. Version is included... bless up!

Trying to not let this blog die... though now that I am teaching full time and have a baby boy on the way, my hands are full as always. Don't wanna be no loafter...

Derrick Parker - True Love In You I Find 7'' [198x Kesta Original Pressing]

Big tune a gwaan lick dem dun! Sweet singing Parker rides a digital cut of the riddim known by many names... Greenbay Killing/Youthman/Wicked Runaway. This one has been repressed, but original copy always nice up di the dance that much more!

Pinchers - Young, Fresh, And Green 12'' [198x Linwood Original Pressing]

Ooh weee this is a crucial Stalag cut! Definitely one of Pinchers ruffest and most under-rated tune, I've included the version here as well. The B side features a song called You And Me Baby by an off-tuned singer named Coolie that is so bad that I've done you the favor of not uploading it (ouch!).

Presley - Closer Than Friends 7'' [198x Umbra Original Pressing]

Nice little minor key cover of Surface's 1988 hit, which followed the dancehall trend of covering American R&B songs. Appears on producer/singer Aytonbridge's Umbra label, better known for Daddy Tar's Zigzawya release. 

Fatta John - True Deceiver 7'' [198x Ever Trying Original Pressing]

Largely ignored in the reggae scene, our neighbors to the north have been cranking out some killer material for a while. Jamaicans migrated to Canada in mass starting in the 60's because of the instability on the island and ease of becoming a canuck citizen. The largest community of Jamaicans are in the Toronto area, and one in three black Canadians have Jamaican lineage. Early on, big name artists like King Jammy and Johnny Osbourne spent time living in Canada, helping start up the roots scene. Less well known is the dancehall that emerged in the following decades, with names like King Culture, Howie Smart, Zen Bow, and Jam Can. Collectors are now starting to recognize some of the wicked digi material from the country, with this 7'' being one of the more recognized releases. I don't know much about the artist, other than that he's a pretty good Little John impersonator, but this chune is tuff!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anthony Redrose - Para Fanatic 12'' [198x Bum Rock Original Pressing]

This post seems appropriate enough with the retro popularity of cocaine becoming chic and more acceptable it seems. Maybe I'm just getting older and crankier, but what happened to going to a party and just seeing some beers and joints being passed around? It's probably linked to the hipster's obsession with the 70's/80's, though I'm sure guys like El Chapo may also be partially responsible haha. 

Here we find a nice 12'' release of Redrose singing about the dangers of the pelico/paro, which wreaked a lot of havoc on the dancehall scene both in Jamaica and NYC in the 80's. Pelico is a butchered way of saying perico (parrot), a Spanish slang for the drug, and is derived from the perky, intense way cokeheads act when loaded.