Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, January 23, 2016

While probably more well known for his 70's roots releases, the Cool Ruler put together quite an impressive catalog of digital hits, many which are unknown or under appreciated. Dancehall collectors, like myself, have noticed though, and have sought many of these releases out. Here are just a few to wet your appetite!

Gregory Isaacs - Just Infatuation 7'' [198x African Museum Original Pressing]

Produced by GI and Jah Shaka, this thumper appeared as a 7'' on Isaac's African Museum label (seen here), and as a 12" release in the UK on Shaka Music. A repress came out of the 12'' later too, but this 7'' copy is harder to come by. Perfect example of some deep digital Cool Ruler.

Gregory Isaacs - Tenement Yard / I'm Not Intruding 7'' [198x African Museum Original Pressing]

Tuff rootsy double sided 7'' release. The A side being the real jam, as it's filled with a dark bassline, mellow horns, and soulful singing. This song was also released as a 7'' on Linval's Thompson Sound label, a 12'' on Tad's, and on Gregory's Easy LP. The flip is a rather bubbly digi rub a dub, that is semi catchy I guess.

Gregory Isaacs - Coming Home 7'' [1987 Taxi Original Pressing]

Another nice bassline and guitar riffs, unfortunately this copy I have is a bit beat up, so the recording didn't come out very well. Produced by the Rhythm Twins, Sly And Robbie, this is a spin off of the Linval Thompson Mercy Mercy release on Taxi (Cuss Cuss riddim). I posted that tune a long time ago, so the link on here is probably in need of a reup. 

Gregory Isaacs - Dealing 7'' [199x Observer Original Pressing]

Don't know what this riddim is called, but it is crucial! Released in the early 90's by producer Niney The Observer as a 7'' (seen here), and then repressed later as a 12" with the riddim simply labeled Lotion. The flip of the repress features a deadly track (similar riddim) by Ken Boothe called Memories, which I can't figure out what it was originally released on (no single, but perhaps on an LP??). Would love any info if you know! Only other version of this riddim I know of is on Frankie Paul's One Night Of Loving, which I've posted for you below. Enjoy!

Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (Remix) / Frankie Paul - One Night Of Loving 12'' [1992 Heart Beat Original Pressing]

Kind of a strange little promotional 12'' here, with the A side featuring the more well known, digi remake of Dan Penn's 1967 Studio One classic No, No, No. The song however did not break big until she re-recorded it (the version featured on this 12") for a Steely And Clevie tribute album of Coxsone Dodd hits. You can check the corny ass music video below, and tell that I obviously purchased this for the flip side...which features a cut of the same riddim as Gregory Isaac's Dealing, but has rather half ass singing by Frankie Paul in my opinion. I'm guessing this 12'' was released to promote the two CD's these tracks were taken from. While the Penn tune appears on other labels, this is the only vinyl release of the Paul track other than on the LP version of the CD being promoted (Should I).

Anthony Redrose and Don Yute - Ragga Reggae 7'' [199x Ical Original Pressing]

Blistering ruff combo tune here inna digi roots stylee that even includes some nice nyahbinghi drumming. This one's on the I Know Myself riddim (big up Nice Up The Lawn for the info), originally cut by Ernest Wilson on Channel 1 label. This tune was also released on the Golden Child label as Rise Up. Bless!

Wickerman - How Dem A Gwaan So 7'' [199x Star Trail Original Pressing]

Nice reality lyrics about the hardships facing the yout. Classic cut of Answer riddim, which Wickerman mashes up!

Black Crucial - Christmas Time 7'' [1985 Original Pressing]

I know, I know... just a little late. But then again, better late than never! Very strange idea to combine a deadly and ominous riddim like Run Down The World with upbeat holiday lyrics. But hey, who's judging! Black Crucial was a little recorded trio of singers, who released a few singles and an LP on Jammys named Mr. Sonny, which is hard to find (I don't own it personally). This 7'' features the same Run Down The World riddim as Nitty Gritty's original tune. Shame someone ruined this label with a sharpie though!

Barry Biggs - A Night Like This 7'' [1988 Reality Original Pressing]

Some of you may find this one sappy, but I find this likkle tune delightful! Lover rock singer Biggs rides a digi-pop instrumental straight outta Studio 54 haha. Reality Records released some pretty tuff independent dancehall material, definitely worth checking out if you're not familiar with them.

Patrick Z - Sick And Fed Up 7'' [1990 Redman International Original Pressing]

Slackness a dun! Cultural deejay riding the Koloko riddim made famous by Carl Meeks Youth Man also on Hugh James' label.

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