Bless Up

Bless Up

Friday, June 25, 2010

Peter Metro - No Problem 7'' [1986 Powerhouse Original Pressing]

No put it there!

Where? Here!
Determine - Bun Dung Vatican 7'' [1995 Annex Original Pressing]

Bun Bun!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home T - Shock Out 7'' [1987 Jammys Original Pressing]

Peanie Peanie riddim....
Seen this recently on Deadly Dragon for $30... I think I paid maybe $2 for this copy a while back.

Linton Tony - Mother Land 7'' [1994 Kingston 11 Original Pressing]

Big ups to Booming Basslines, Digital Mi Digital, Rewind Mi Selector, Digital Reggae and all the other blogs posting stuff who inspired me to start this one. My bad if some of these tunes have been posted before.... well here they are vinyl ripped and reupped by yours truly.

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White Mice - No Competition/Nitty Gritty - One Auntie Lulu (Bandooloo) 12'' [1987 Crat/Digikiller Repress]

Classic double sided rerelease.

A Side

B Side
Icho Candy - Jah Calling All Over the World 7'' [1986 Creation Repress]


Si Se Puede!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What can I say about the man that hasn't already.
Truly an inspiration to us all.
Incredibely underrated and outside of the scene relatively unknown.
What a shame....

Viva Mexico Cabrones!!

Viscious Irie - Bible Knowledge 7'' [198x Brimstone Original Pressing]

Lord Hav Mercy!

Ricky General - Model Fi Di Better 7'' [1992 Junior Scorpio Original Pressing]

Bizzare tune.

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Phillip Myers - Ghetto Struggle 7'' [198x Junior Millitant/Digikiller Repress]

Deadly tune repressed by the Digikilla crew.... big ups!
Don't sleep-

Gregory Isaacs - Off A Mi Fender 7'' [1988 Hibiscus Original Pressing]

The Cool Ruler in a digi rub-a-dub flavor....

4 InI 2 Listen
Tiger - Rough Rankin' Tiger 7'' [1991 Penthouse Repress]

Need I say ruff tune!

Malibu - My Friends 7'' [198x J&M Original Pressing]

Off of his album with Early B....


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ninjaman - New Gun Fi Buss 7'' [1989 Mr. Doo Original Pressing]

Personally I like Flourgon's Nuff Gun Fi Bus better but this one's still hot!

Chicken Chest - Raggamuffin Selector 7'' [1987 Oneness Repress]

No coincidence that the blog and chune share the same name....
Crucial song on the Diseases riddim!

Tonto Irie - Have To Girlie Girlie 7'' [1985 Jammys Original Pressing]

Mi jus have tah-

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Outlaw Mannix - A Fi Let Off 7'' [1987 Skengdon Original Pressing]

Cutty Throwback....

Sluggy Ranks - Sodom and Gomorrah 7'' [198x Part II/Gold Shop Repress]

Gold Shop has been dropping some crazy represses....
this just one of them. The infamous Sluggy.
Do your self a favor and cop this shit.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terry Ganzie, Junior Vibes, and Sugar Black - Fed Up A Them 7'' [198x Luscious Original Pressing]

Nice stalag cut, sweet label art too....

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Nitty Gritty - General Penitentiary 7'' [1986 Victory Repress]

Hard tune nuff said!

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