Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wayne Smith - My Sweet Love / Tonto Irie - Murder Commit 12'' [198x Unity Original Pressing]

Ohh man this is another rare record for you guys! Though both sides are produced by King Jammy, they were only released on this Unity 12'' in the UK. Side A features a blistering cut of Sammy Levi's Come Off The Road (also on this blog), which to me reminds of the E20 riddim. For examples of that riddim see Sammy Dread's Warrior on Witty, and Wayne Smith's original E20 cut on the Sleng Teng LP by Greensleeves. Side B is equally ruff, featuring deejay Tonto Irie massacring a digital version of Every Tongue Shall Tell riddim. Irie spins a story about trying to go on tour to Paris but the plane crash lands... and when he's taken to the operating table they discover he has a bad case of reggae mylitis (see King Kong tune on Sunset label) which causes him to have big lyrics from his head to his schlong. Hilarious and brilliant tune, though he really just ends up repeating the same verse twice in a row. For some strange reason only Side A included the version (which I've left on for you here). Enjoy!

White Mice - Ambition 7'' [199x Intelitec Original Pressing]

Thundering cut of Billy Jean riddim inna early 90's stylee. Released around same time as Junior Delgado's Mona Lisa (also on this blog). Big tune!

King Everald - Your Love 7'' [1988 Vena Original Pressing]

Nice likkle bubbly lovers rock by Everald / Everall. Only tune he ever cut for Fattis Burrell, I believe.

Wayne Palmer - Hold You Corner 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

During the peak of dancehall in the 80's, everyone was trying to make a name for themselves as an entertainer, and thus taking stage names to be recognized. Some were silly nicknames and slick sounding titles, while others were meant to sound like real names (example: Paul Blake became Frankie Paul). I do not know if Wayne Palmer was his name given to him at birth, but it is the stage name later used to cut some massive records. Palmer unfortunately had a rather generic name, and coupled with a low volume of work released, the artist has flown under the radar of a lot of reggae fans. Digi collectors though are well aware of him, particularly his work with King Tubby and also Hugh Redman James. Here is probably his hardest tune by Tubby (other than Hell In A Town), though sadly my copy has seen better days. Either way check it out!

Wayne Palmer - Yu Nu Remember 7'' [1985 Original Pressing]

Oooooh weeee this is a tuff digi chune! Wicked one a way cut of Stalag that almost doesn't resemble the original riddim at all. This one was later repressed by Dub Store in their Redman International collab release, where 12 of Hugh James biggest tunes were re-released. Of those re-released set, you can find the original copies of these on my blog: Wayne Palmer - Yu Nu Remember, Puddy Roots - When I Release, Admiral Tibett - New Tactics, Dave Bailey - Concrete Jungle, and Tony Tuff - Careless People.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

More coming in next few days... stay tuned!

Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm 7'' [198x Techniques Original Pressing]

One of a few songs (see also Wayne Smith's Sleng Teng, and Anthony Redrose's Tempo) that helped start the digital explosion in Jamaica. This bad boy on the Stalag riddim completely stormed the island and catapulted Tenor to stardom. Though Pumpkin Belly was Saw's first hit, this reworking of Sister Nancy's Bam Bam was even bigger. Originally written for the famous 4 Sound Clash of 1985 for Youth Promotion, it was swooped by up Winston Riley and released on his Techniques label. This tune has influenced countless artists/singles from Sublime, to Alborosie, to Nicki Minaj (unfortunately!). Oh, this is also featured on Riley's Stalag 17, 18, and 19 LP.

Hopeton Lindo - Slaughter 12'' [199x Two Friends Original Pressing]

Murderous sound boy tune by the one and only Lindo, featuring a pounding instrumental, killer lyrics, and his trademark whistling! This guy appears on Lindo's The Word LP on Greensleeves/VP records. Guess this was like a promo single for that album, though I was able to find an immaculate copy of this 12'' years later still sealed.

Melody Beecher - Diamonds And Thrills 7'' [1987 Nura Original Pressing]

Rough but pop sounding single from female singer Beecher, that does not appear on either of her 2 LP's. Nura is known better for it's pre-digi dancehall material from the early 80's, but this is an example of their foray into later styles. This one is produced by Paul Beecher, (husband/father/relative?) of Melody, and preaches the message of experiences > material things. As a vinyl collector, sometimes I have to remind myself of that when record hunting!

Sanchez - Around The Corner 7'' [1990 Jammys Original Pressing]

Killer little 90's tune produced by the original King James (no disrespect to Lebron!). Sanchez does his usual smooth sing jay crooning over the same riddim as Robert Lee's My Life Is Like A Dream. Not sure which label that tune showed up on as a single originally (possible LP comp appearance?), but it was later repressed on Digital Ego.