Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sluggy Ranks - Sodom And Gomorrah/Remix 12'' [199x Part II Original Pressing]

Huge huge boom tune! Sluggy killer original press. Similar riddim to
Tempo... Includes "remixed" alternate version with instrumental
included, labeled as Radio Mix on vinyl.

This Side

That Side

Junior Brammer - Shack Out 7'' [199x Ragamuffin Original Pressing]

Yagga yaggo yo!


Michael Flint - My Special Lady 7'' [198x Jam-Rock Original Pressing]

Yes yes obscure digi!


Daddy Irie - Ice Cream Vendor 7'' [1986 Scarface Original Pressing]

Wha dem a do when di cream man come?


Anthony Redrose - 'Fraid A Prison/Puddy Roots and Dirty Harry - Josephine 12'' [198x Toughest Original Pressing]

Nice rare UK double-sided disco 12'' with versions included.

Side A

Side B

Yellowman - Girls Watcher 7'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

Yellow describes his voyeur fetish haha-


Black Chiney - Dibbi Dibbi Deacon 7'' [198x Music Master Original Pressing]

For all the crooked churchmen...

Get It

Pinchers and Frankie Paul - Nuttin' No Deh 12'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Sweet sing-jay combo. When Pinchers and Fattis hook up it's always a hit!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Tiger - No Wanga Gut 7'' [1986 Tiger Original Pressing]

Massive Tiger chune! Check out di video...

Tigre Del Caribe

Shabba Ranks - Roots And Culture 7'' [1989 Digital B Original Pressing]

Slackness beware!! Tuff Stalag!!

Culture Lick Out

King Kong - Not A Bwoy Caan Test We/Mic Ninja - Die Hard 12'' [1991 Gussie P Original Pressing]

Two ruff cuts over the Run Down The World riddim... Don't think I can
pick a favorite, both are soundy boy killers for sure! Ninja's includes
version by Mafia and Fluxy at the end.

Side 1

Side 2

Chuck Turner - Special Lady 7'' [198x Crat Original Pressing]

For all the ladies out there, you know who you are!
This one goes out to my fiancee Jen-


Phillip Frazier - Your Pretty Look 7'' [1984 Shelter Rock Original Pressing]

Nice early digi tune.