Bless Up

Bless Up

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chicken Chest - Don't Kill Entertainer 7'' [1987 Oneness Original Pressing]

Sleng Teng riddim with Mr. Chicken displaying his absolutely horrible
singing skills! Stick to the chatting! Tribute to all the fallen
dancehall artists, which there have been a ton of. With impressions of
General Echo, to Prince Far I, to Major Worries... What a chune!

Brap Brap
Frankie Paul - Everything Flop 7'' [198x Wild Apache Original Pressing]

Run dancehall hot!

Professor Grizzly and Little Lenny -
My Shining Star 7'' [1988 Stereo Mix Original Pressing]

Combo stylee over the Duck Dance riddim... not a riddim I'm a huge fan
of, but every once in a while I hear a version that I enjoy, like this
one! Another one is Joe Mannix's Walk And Look Back (Parish Label),
which I can post later if anyone wants me to.

Frankie Jones - It In Deh 7'' [198x 56 Hope Road Original Pressing]

Nice Darker Shade Of Black riddim....

Papa San and Fabiana - It's Not Enough 12'' [1988 Anchor Original Pressing]

Hard fuckin Tempo riddim! Very 80's r&b pop sound but still tuff as hell!
Instrumental included-


Willie One Blood - Put It Down 7'' [198x People Original Pressing]

Heavenless riddim... Put down di gun youthman!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phillip Fanna - Walk Out On Me 7'' [1984 Junjo Original Pressing]

Early partial-digi Darker Shade Of Black riddim by Junjo Lawes. Fanna was another obscure up and coming DJ that didn't cut much, yet was featured on a combo disco LP with King Early B. Go figure...

Crab Walk
Joe Mannix - No Beg We 7'' [1988 Vibes Original Pressing]

This one goes out to all you loafters that don't wanna find a job and are always bumming and begging. Papa Biggs on the production...

Screwdriver - Punaney Can Be Good 7'' [198x Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Early Dennis Star release on the Punaney riddim. Damn near sound like some Tubby Firehouse production with that digi piano melody... Massive tune! Gun in a baggy status... punaney firing M16?! Gotta wrap that shit up fellas.

Diseased Poon
Nardo Ranks - Gun Kill Them 7'' [198x Luscious Original Pressing]

Tell them Nardo! Gun kill enemy and gun kill friend! Another Stalag riddim... identical as the Terry Ganzie/Junior Vibes/Sugar Black track I posted earlier on the same label. I guess Luscious was one of those small, "one riddim" labels that only put out a few singles. Any info?

Brap Brap
Conrad Crystal - True Love 7'' [198x Thunder Bolt Original Pressing]

Wicked, wicked digi Death In The Arena riddim. Yes!

Cocoa Tea - Forward To Africa 7'' [1989 Jammys Original Pressing]

Steppin' to Mount Zion... Lead the way Cocoa!

Scorpion - Trouble Maker 7'' [198x GG Original Pressing]

Heavy chune run dem out! DJ Scorpion warning all you bad boys of what the police, lawyers, and judge can do... Screw you! Anyone know if this guy has any relation to Errol Scorpion? Check out the dog selecting on the label art.

Wayne Fire - Woman Pention 7'' [198x Blue Trac Original Pressing]

Another lesser known artist with a pretty generic name, Wayne cut some heavy tunes in the late 80's/early 90's era. I thought I heard he died semi recently after battling drug addiction problems, but perhaps I am confusing him with Baby Wayne, as Ninja B's pointed out. Thanks for the info!

Chris Wayne and Dillinger - Unity 7'' [198x Uncle T Original Pressing]

Nice combo tune pairing rising star (at the time) with an old school chatter. Not sure if this is some how a Desmond Decker cover, but it has his name in the credits. Produced by Trevor James... aka Uncle T, who also happened to be King Jammys brother. Talent definitely ran in that family!

Icho Candy - Seven Little Girls 7'' [1989 Pioneer Muzik Original Pressing]

There are just so many weird things about this tune I don't know where to start. For starters, the choice of song to cover (a Paul Evans 1959 hit)... down to Candy voicing the girls in the backseat. Another thing I love is the ridiculous spelling of artists names that a lot of these old dancehall records have. This one has to take the cake though... Icheco?

Check Out Original Track (Won't let me embed)


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Tiger - Can't Tan Ya So 7'' [1987 10 Roosevelt Ave. Original Pressing]

Daddy Tiger in ya neighborhood!
Produced by Errol Scorcher instead of Harry J from the Sunset based label.