Bless Up

Bless Up

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frankie Paul - Song Of Freedom / Gimme That Potion 7'' [1995 Exterminator Original Pressing]

I remember first hearing (and falling in love with!) the title track from the Rough Inna Town LP (on Exterminator) by Luciano and Cocoa Tea... a great blend of dancehall and digital roots. Though the LP was released around 2000, some of the songs were actually Phillip Burrell tunes that had been recorded in the mid-late 90's. While some of those songs made it to 7'' and 12'' releases, I don't think the title track did (I've never seen an og press available). I didn't think much of the riddim though, until I stumbled upon the wicked Song Of Freedom by Paul. Not only that, but I also found 2 other huge chunes on the riddim: INI Kamoze's Jah Never Fail I (on Sound Klik) and Gregory Isaacs' Same Time I Lost You (on Exterminator)! I don't have any of the records except for the FP one, which I share here with you. It's interestingly enough a double sided 7'' release (rare for dancehall), with the bubbly  Potion on the flip. You can also find these two tracks on the 1996 Frankie Paul CD named Freedom (on RAS label).

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  1. much underrated this one but of of FPs best. give thanks for the post bless