Bless Up

Bless Up

Friday, April 20, 2012

Queen Paula - Know How Fi Wuk 7'' [198x Ridim Force Original Pressing]

Funny but catchy tune by female DJ Queen Paula on the virtues of being
a good wifey and how to take care of your man (and yourself too of

Big Up All Di Woman!
Also wanted to thank all followers of this blog for being patient and
respectful. I was without internet for over a month, and now that I
have it back, I still barely have time to post. Between my two jobs,
plus my wedding coming up in a few months, I've been swamped. But I
will try to continue posting somewhat regularly. Bless-
Barry Biggs - I Can't Get Over Losing You 12'' [198x Leggo Original Pressing]

Interesting rootsy 12'', with old school lovers rock singer Barry Biggs
in a updated digital fashion. The horns in this riddim are hard...
especially in the Version, which is included! Early Leggo production as

Wayne Scotch - False Alarm 7'' [1991 Marzouka Original Pressing]

Never heard of this label/producer, but this is one hard chune! Nice
cut of Run Down The World riddim. Can you say d.i.g.i.k.a.l?

Sound Caan Cross Di Borda
Selah Collins - Juggler/Pick A Sound 12'' [198x Unity Original Pressing]

Oh man this is one crucial 12''! Selah Collins, a fairly cutty UK
artist murders these two tuff riddim tracks. Unity Sounds at its
finest, one of the top Brittish dancehall labels from the 80's along
with Y&D and Jah Tubby's. Do not miss (Versions included) -

A Side

B Side
Derrick Parker - Cool It Off 7'' [1989 Bee Cat Original Pressing]

Parker's first single for Bee Cat, who he went on to record for several
more times for under Rula Brown's productions. Was a big hit when it
dropped, both in JA and the US. Unfortunately my copy's a little beat
up, but you can still appreciate the ruffness...

Nuff Vibes!
Don Angelo - Sound Burial 7'' [1988 Alridge Original Pressing]

Another soundboy killing tune guaranteed to ram the dance-

Brap Brap
Courtney Melody - Down Presser 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Babylon ah fight I!

Here Wi Gwan
Yami Bolo - Roots Pon Mi Corner 7'' [1986 Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

One of Yami's earliest big hits, this 7'' is pure conscious vibes.
Sugar Minott on the production of course. YP was cranking out young
singers during this era, when everyone was on the DJay hype, making
their sound that much sweeter and unique. Lot of big name artists cut
their first singles for Sugar, like Yami, Tenor Saw, Junior Reid,
Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel, Little Kirk, etc...

Digi Rootsman