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Bless Up

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come 12'' [1987 Blue Mountain Original Pressing]

Ruff n tuff chune by the man named Saw! Tenor did not record for any single producer for very long, instead cutting singles for various labels during his short rise to fame. Some of his better known releases were compiled by Blue Mountain for his only LP, titled Fever (based on hit title track). However, most of those tunes can be found as 7'' and 12'' releases, as well as other tracks that for whatever reason never made it on to the LP. This is one of those non-LP tracks, and is just as deadly as ever! Can be found as a repress 12'' on Blue Mountain as well as Blue Trac labels. * I've included the version here too.

Little John and Peter Metro - True Confession (?) / Tenor Saw - Roll Is Called 12'' [198x Powerhouse Original Pressing]

Double sided 12'' release in a disco stylee! First side has the title track from Little John's True Confession LP (Powerhouse, 1984) which was a massive hit when released. It is strangely mixed to include Peter Metro chatting about war and crime on the second half of this disco mix (I don't know the name of the Metro tune, or whether it was even released on it's own). The second side is the true killer though, with Saw listing a roll call of big names in the dancehall scene. This tune is included on the Fever LP (as Roll Call) and was even covered by the reggae/ska-cover band Sublime on their Jailhouse track. The mixing on this side is more appropriately done with the version haha.

Half Pint - She Is Mine 7'' [198x Mass Hugh Original Pressing]

Normally I'm not a big Half Pint, as his style was better suited to early 80's rub-a-dub dancehall instrumentals, and didn't adapt well to digital vibes. This release is an exception though, as he rides a tuff likkle digi riddim with his melodic lovers rock singing. Big up the Pint!

Scion Sashay Success - Genocide / Sister Carol - Mother Culture 7'' [199x San Salvage Original Pressing]

Really digging this bubbly double-sided 7'' on Scion's label, both tracks over the same Hot Milk riddim. Conscious lyrics as usual, with Scion preaching that the youthman study up his history, while Carol chats about respecting womankind!

*Interesting fact of the day: Scion Success is fairly short, and Sister Carol's favorite color is green...

Little John - Do Mama 7'' [198x Techniques Original Pressing]

Killer version of Revolution riddim by Winston Riley, with John chatting about his strict mother! As far as I know, the Techniques label's only other release on this riddim is a 7'' by Lieutenant Stitchie named Lover Boy.

Panhead and Yoruba - Hot Teaser 7'' [1993 Drum And Bass Original Pressing]

Nice likkle upbeat combo tune from two deejays, the late Panhead, and the unknown Yoruba. Riddim is a bit like Heavenless and is good example of the early 90's dancehall sound.

Earl Sixteen - Cocaine / Junior Brammer (aka Trinity) - Know Your Friend 12'' [198x Kaya Original Pressing]

Early digi double sided 12'' featuring the same killer Swing Easy riddim on both sides. Thirty years later and these tunes seem so relevant still...

Copac (as Callie B) - Someone Knocking On My Door 7'' [198x Studio Quality Original Pressing]

Another lesser known release by Canadian singer Copac, who later changed his name to Callie B. He also released a hard to find self-titled LP on the Studio Quality label under this new name. This single alternates between sound killing and lovers rock in a strange but catchy way. Kind of reminiscent of the Soundboy 7'' on Mes Jam that I posted on the blog long ago (link is probably dead by now).


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Greetings to all massive by the way, long time fi see dis blog, I-man will try to improve upon that!

Echo Minott - Pickney Fe Mine 7'' [1986 Skengdon Original Pressing]

Heartical rootsy single here by controversial singer Echo. Also appears as last track on his Familiar Face LP.

Richie Stevens - Ruff All Around 7'' [1990 Jamaazima Original Pressing]

Blistering chune over the None Shall Escape Judgement riddim (Johnny Clarke, 1975) inna digi style. Sound boys shall not escape this clash!

Judah Eskender Tafari - Live By The Gun 12'' [1994 Gussie P Original Pressing]

Deadly 12'' release by roots singer Tafari! Originally released on 12'', and repressed by Gussie as a 7'' later on. This is on Gussie's own label, which he started in the 90's (as well as Sip A Cup label) after producing for Fashion in the UK during the 80's. Two different mixes are on this release, with the dub on backside (I didn't include it here)... think I prefer the second mix personally.

Michael Palmer - Ready She No Ready 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

Whitfield Henry started his US-based Witty label by releasing Jamaican tunes produced by Lloyd "King Jammy" James (and others) as 12'' records in the States. He quickly began producing his own material as well, from which he garnished his fame. Here's an example of an older release, the hot single off of Palmer's I'm So Attractive LP (Jammys, 1985). Mixed as disco style.

Robert Lee - Sound Boy 7'' [199x Record Factory Original Pressing]

Certain artists had favorite riddims that they often rode, establishing a certain type of sound and style for themselves. Lee obviously had a thing for the Tempo riddim, which might be why I'm a big fan of his... though his sound killing lyrics and smooth voice also help! Several different cuts of him singing over this riddim can be found on various LP's and a few as singles too.

Leroy Smart - Aim High 7'' [199x Record Factory Original Pressing]

Another Tempo cut on this label, though crappy mixing/recording leaves this 7'' feeling a bit disappointing... very similar to the following release too.

Leroy Smart - Render Your Heart 7'' [199x Unity And Love Original Pressing]

Notice any similarities?

Gregory Isaacs - Only You 12'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

If you've been following this blog, you'll know by now that I love me some crucial G Isaacs digi tunes. He has quite an underrated digital dancehall catalog, with some obscure and deadly material. This one's not that rare, but still nice likkle Dancehall Bubbler riddim take. Riddims included in a 12'' disco style here (meaning mixed without a pause between vocal and version).

Little John - Do It To Me 7'' [1986 Jammys Original Pressing]

Ruff cut of Screechie Across The Border riddim straight from the golden years of Jamaican dancehall. This appears also as a Youth Vibration 12'' and Dub Store repress 7''.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lukie D, Frankie Paul, and Axeman - My Sound Is The Answer [199x Duke Original Pressing]

A much coveted soundboy killer, this unconventional acapella cover of the Beatles Let It Be features an unlikely pairing that includes a singer (FP) and two deejays wailing over a pop synth organ. This guy can also fetch a pretty penny because of it's rareness and uniqueness. Was curious to see what the back side would include, but it was just a random 90's version of some other Duke release. Most Duke releases have different versions (than the A side vocal), or even completely different vocal tracks on the B sides, even though they're just labeled as "version." I wonder if this was meant as a secret hidden track, or to throw off rival sounds... either that, or the production team was just lazy and confused :)

Joe Banner - Love Me Baby 7'' [199x Joe Banner Production Original Pressing]

Independently produced single on the Rope In riddim. Not much info on Banner, but he is the only person credited for everything on the label. My copy is a bit beat up and noisy, but still a good listen.

Papa San - Perdemident 7'' [198x Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Funny little chatty chatty tune by deejay San over Mud Up riddim. I've seen this repressed on both Dennis Star (7'' and 12''), and strangely on Black Solidarity (7'') with the title Predominant.

Anthony Redrose - Life No Easy Game 7'' [199x HowYu Fi Sey Dat Original Pressing]

Tuff piece of mid 90's digi roots by Redrose, who had several nice releases on this label. The title track unfortunately has a pressing defect that causes some noise in the first 30 seconds of the tune (every copy I've heard has it), so I've also uploaded the version too.

Capleton - Hard To Believe / Admiral Tibett - Love Of Jah 12'' [1993 Exterminator Original Pressing]

The A side has a cool little Answer riddim ridden by the then deejay young Capleton, but the AA side is the banger (as usual!). Tibett sings over a crucial Fattis instrumental known as the Over The Years riddim, popularized by the Cocoa Tea tune of that name. The Cocoa Tea track appears on the Tune In LP, which also includes a remix featuring Charlie Chaplin titled Heads Of Government. The three tunes, lastly, appear all together on a Greensleeves 12'', which is fairly hard to find. Oh, and I've included the version for Tibett's side btw.

Ricky Stereo - Jealousy Lover 12'' [1989 Ossie Original Pressing]

Fierce three part release on this riddim by under the radar producer Ossie Hibbert. While producing for several other labels over the years, he also had his own Ossie label in the late 80's and early 90's. This killer features a nice likkle Joe Lickshot intro, and was also released in the UK as a Living Room label 12'', as well as more recently as a 7'' repress by Gold Shop with the Lionel Craig tune and the backside.

 Pliers - Come In A The Dance / Lionel Craig - Under Mi Nose 12'' [198x Ossie Original Pressing]

For some reason the Pliers tune is on the A side, but anyone who buys this record is getting it for the back side. The Pliers track is so boring that I haven't even ripped it for y'all. I have however included the Ansel Meditation (as Lionel Craig) song, who's lyrics also speak of romance problems with an interesting domestic animal analogy. Originally from the roots group the Meditations, the artist also released much solo material using his real name, Ansel Cridland.

Johnny Osbourne - I'm Moving Up 12'' [1989 Ossie Original Pressing]

The last of the three releases on this hot riddim, and probably my favorite cut of the trio. This was also released as a Living Room 12'' and 7'' Gold Shop repress. This (and the Ricky Stereo record) appears to be an original Jamaican 12'' release, while the Lionel Craig record is an original US 12'' releases. A bit unusual actually, as with vinyl always a shortage on the island (because of the sheer amount of records being put out), most JA releases are on 7'', while US pressed dancehall appeared primarily on 12'' to appeal to an American audience and disc jockeys. I've included the version on the recording here.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Michael Levy - Don't Run Away 7'' [1988 Kangal Original Pressing]

Brilliant, deadly, dark, rare... what else is there to say about this one?! Definitely a collector's item, this is a nice likkle piece of digital vinyl. This one's for Nofoo, who seems to be the only person out there actually appreciating (and commenting) on these posts... and being patient with my lack of Selector activity  :)

Frankie Paul - Promise Land 7'' [1992 Champion Original Pressing]

While many dancehall intrumentals/versions of Dennis Brown's Promised Land can be found, this FP tune is actually a straight cover of the original. Nice digital relick of the riddim for sure!

Carlene Davis - Rise Up (President Mandela) 7'' [1994 Jammys Original Pressing]

While many uninformed dancehall critics yammer about the genre being only materialistic and shallow, there were plenty of conscious releases speaking of Pan-African solidarity and freedom. Just like Frankie's tune above, this beautiful cut over Tempo exemplifies that unity, including the chanting in the chorus even sounding like some traditional Zulu singing.

Frankie Paul - Israel 7'' [1993 Shocking Vibes Original Pressing]

Here we see another FP tune singing about returning to Zion/Israel/Africa/Promised Land, but this time over a digital No More Will I Roam riddim. Kinda random that this appears on the Shocking Vibes label, as they didn't cut too much rootsy stuff like this.

Wickerman - Up In Class 7'' [199x 2 Tuff Original Pressing]

And we complete our early 90's conscious dancehall tour by coming full circle with the one Wickerman. Here he rides another cut of the Promised Land riddim with lyrics degrading the slackness trend. The riddim is actually more crucial on the version (happens sometimes), so I've included that too.Digging the label art here too haha...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sluggy Ranks - Ketch Them Fraid 12'' [1990 Mr. Doo Original Pressing]

Tuff tuff Sluggy shows di soundboys no mercy! Nice likkle cut of Give Me The Right riddim... I know there's one or two more cuts on this same instrumental by Mr. Doo, but I can't place my finger on it currently. I believe they are LP cuts and not singles, while this Sluggy release can be found on 7'' or 12'' however.

Mikey General - I Love You 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Can't place the riddim, but know I've heard it on some other classic Vena releases. Big bad tune! Fattis was killing the game waaaay back then with these early digi killers.


Tyrone Taylor - So In Love 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Same riddim as above tune. Not a cover of Taylor's roots tune with the same name on Harry J (1978).

Singer Doo - Magic In Your Eyes 7'' [1988 Trench Town Original Pressing]

Rare Canadian release by off-key singer Doo (no relation to Mr. Doo label as far as I know) over the Chase Vampire riddim. Just wait till the bass drops!! The label also released a Willie Williams tune named Run Them A Run over the same version.

Anthony John - Share My Life 7'' [198x Bold Gold Original Pressing]

Back with more ruff obscurity for all my digi ninjas!

Roundhouse To Chin!

This road can be hard sometimes...  I recently lost an old friend last month to gun violence. While we had chosen separate life paths over the years, it's always tough when things like this hit home. This is the stark reality of growing up in an urban environment, one where too many of the homies have passed on over meaningless things. Shouldn't matter which set, or block, or side you claim... as Junior Reid said... 
One Blood.

RIP Chris

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just added Volumes Three and Four to LP Chunes... Forward Selecta series below. All tracks taken from og press digi LP's in my collection. Bless-

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ras Haas presents LP Chunes... Forward Selecta, Volumes One Through Four

A little something different this time. A bunch of tracks ripped off of digi LP's, some from comps, others from solo releases... all tuff though! You may already have some of these, as they may have been released on different LP's or as singles too. Either way, hope you enjoy-

 1.) Banana Man - This Sound Charge For Murder
 2.) Robert Lee - Come Now Sound Boy
 3.) Wendy Shaw - Praise His Majesty
 4.) Delroy Williams - Crazy About You
 5.) Gregory Isaacs - Sweet Lady
 6.) Ricky Chaplin and Thriller U - No Follow Them
 7.) Mikey Jarrett - Time Fe The Africans Be Free
 8.) Sluggy Ranks - Settle Them A Settle
 9.) Sister Charmaine - Ha Fi Get A Job
 10.) Pliers - Back And Belly Rat
 11.) Mikey Melody - Reggae Rock
 12.) Little Kirk - Sound Boy + Version
 13.) Anthony Redrose - Electric Chair + Version
 14.) Spliffy Dan - Jah Bless
 15.) Junie Ranks - Entertainer Party
 16.) Winston Hussey - Mission Accomplish

 1.) King Kong - Trouble Trouble
2.) Michael Palmer - My Region
3.) Gregory Isaacs - Lock Off
4.) Mikey Melody - Soldier In A Town
5.) Pliers - Let Me Be Your Angel
6.) Thriller U - Substitute For Your Love
7.) Sluggy Ranks - Black Man Struggle
8.) Norris Reid - Freedom Train
9.) Ricky Chaplin - Wide World
10.) Wendy Shaw - Play The Game Fair
11.) Little Kirk - Suffer Not The Little Ones
12.) Mikey Melody - Pressure Me + Version
13.) Banana Man - Wah Teck Them So
14.) Ricky Grant - Free Basing
15.) Icho Candy - Ruling Sound
16.) Everton Chambers - Tonight You Gonna Die

Volume Three
 1.) Tullo T - The Wining Don
2.) Cultural Roots - Running Back To Me
3.) Horace Andy - Live And Save Life
4.) Chuck Turner - Run Around Girl
5.) Cocoa Tea - Nah Give Up + Dub
6.) King Kong - Cater Fi She
7.) Roman Stewart - Black Me Black
8.) Michael Enkrumah - Poverty
9.) Junior Delgado - Illegal Gun
10.) Chaka Demus - Conscious A Lick
11.) Horace Andy - Sweet Reggae Music
12.) Robert Lee - Lovely Lady
13.) Chuck Turner - What Is The Feeling
14.) Anthony Redrose - Body Crazy
15.) Shelly Thunder - '85 Vision
16.) Junior Delgado - Hot Stuff
17.) Horace Andy - Give Me Some Money
18.) Gregory Isaacs - Counterfeit Lover
19.) Chaka Demus - Set It
20.) Cocoa Tea - My Time + Dub

Volume Four
 1.) Tony Asher - Lion Of Zion Instrumental
 2.) Al Campbell - Shaggy Raggy
 3.) Horace Andy - Love Light Of Mine
4.) Chuck Turner - We Rule
5.) Robert Lee - Fantasy World
 6.) Cocoa Tea - Camouflage
7.) Junior Delgado - Labba Labba
8.) Shelly Thunder - New Ruler
9.) Tenor Saw - Run From Progress + Dub
10.) Anthony Redrose and King Kong - Two Big Bull In A One Pen
11.) Roman Stewart - Modellers
12.) Michael Enkrumah - Natural Lover
13.) Cultural Roots - My Sweet Lady
14.) General Trees - Veggie Bun
15.) Shabba Ranks - A Nuh Me Seh So
16.) Chaka Demus - Original Kuff
17.) King Kong - Riddle Me This
18.) Eric Monte Morris - Monte's Medley
19.) Horace Andy - Girl Of My Dreams
20.) Cocoa Tea, Home T, and Shabba Ranks - Turn It Down
Another year, another blessing... this time in the form of a likkle human boy. In wanting him to know about his roots and culture, my wife and I chose middle names that reflected his multi-ethnic heritage. Kiamalu, meaning pillar of strength in Hawaiian, and Yach'am, meaning a mother's harvest in Yucatecan Mayan. Of course he'll also get a healthy dose of dancehall to round out his consciousness too!

Again, I realize this blog is somewhat neglected. Hopefully you all can understand why... If you are looking for a specific link to be reuploaded, the best way to do so is to message me privately. The comments on the posts are hard to check, so I often don't see them. Big up di massive-

Saturday, January 23, 2016

While probably more well known for his 70's roots releases, the Cool Ruler put together quite an impressive catalog of digital hits, many which are unknown or under appreciated. Dancehall collectors, like myself, have noticed though, and have sought many of these releases out. Here are just a few to wet your appetite!

Gregory Isaacs - Just Infatuation 7'' [198x African Museum Original Pressing]

Produced by GI and Jah Shaka, this thumper appeared as a 7'' on Isaac's African Museum label (seen here), and as a 12" release in the UK on Shaka Music. A repress came out of the 12'' later too, but this 7'' copy is harder to come by. Perfect example of some deep digital Cool Ruler.

Gregory Isaacs - Tenement Yard / I'm Not Intruding 7'' [198x African Museum Original Pressing]

Tuff rootsy double sided 7'' release. The A side being the real jam, as it's filled with a dark bassline, mellow horns, and soulful singing. This song was also released as a 7'' on Linval's Thompson Sound label, a 12'' on Tad's, and on Gregory's Easy LP. The flip is a rather bubbly digi rub a dub, that is semi catchy I guess.

Gregory Isaacs - Coming Home 7'' [1987 Taxi Original Pressing]

Another nice bassline and guitar riffs, unfortunately this copy I have is a bit beat up, so the recording didn't come out very well. Produced by the Rhythm Twins, Sly And Robbie, this is a spin off of the Linval Thompson Mercy Mercy release on Taxi (Cuss Cuss riddim). I posted that tune a long time ago, so the link on here is probably in need of a reup. 

Gregory Isaacs - Dealing 7'' [199x Observer Original Pressing]

Don't know what this riddim is called, but it is crucial! Released in the early 90's by producer Niney The Observer as a 7'' (seen here), and then repressed later as a 12" with the riddim simply labeled Lotion. The flip of the repress features a deadly track (similar riddim) by Ken Boothe called Memories, which I can't figure out what it was originally released on (no single, but perhaps on an LP??). Would love any info if you know! Only other version of this riddim I know of is on Frankie Paul's One Night Of Loving, which I've posted for you below. Enjoy!

Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (Remix) / Frankie Paul - One Night Of Loving 12'' [1992 Heart Beat Original Pressing]

Kind of a strange little promotional 12'' here, with the A side featuring the more well known, digi remake of Dan Penn's 1967 Studio One classic No, No, No. The song however did not break big until she re-recorded it (the version featured on this 12") for a Steely And Clevie tribute album of Coxsone Dodd hits. You can check the corny ass music video below, and tell that I obviously purchased this for the flip side...which features a cut of the same riddim as Gregory Isaac's Dealing, but has rather half ass singing by Frankie Paul in my opinion. I'm guessing this 12'' was released to promote the two CD's these tracks were taken from. While the Penn tune appears on other labels, this is the only vinyl release of the Paul track other than on the LP version of the CD being promoted (Should I).