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Saturday, September 29, 2012

King Kong Di Gorilla Post

Small tribute post to one of my fave dancehall icons

King Kong - Agony And Pain 7'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

Early Jah Life release over a crucial Drifter riddim. Very nice piece of digikal dancehall here. Also check out I Roy's Musical Drifter on the same label/riddim. That versions perhaps even better than this one surprisingly!

King Kong - Big Boy 7'' [1986 Oneness Original Pressing]

Big Heavenless riddim here. Not a 7'' you see too often. Oneness had a string of large tunes like this one, Chicken Chest's Raggamuffin Selector, and Frankie Wilmott's Sensemilla (on Tempo), but then also cut some pretty bland stuff with an over the hill Jimmy Cliff, Ansel Collins ,etc...

King Kong - Four Year Old 7'' [198x Apple Tree Original Pressing]

This ones on the Two Year Old riddim. Different color label than most of the Apple Tree 7'' releases that tended to be green and white. More cool digi.

Thriller U - Best Thriller 7'' [1989 Dallas Texas Original Pressing]

Thriller rides the Wild Gilbert riddim made famous by Lovindeer. Thought this was an American label when I first picked it up, but it's in fact Jamaican. Very unusual Texan patriotism going on here. While I have heard that Houston has a small Jamaican community, I can't say the same about Dallas though.

Tony Tuff - Woman, Woman 7'' [1987 Alpine Original Pressing]

Tony explains his love for the opposite sex over a nice African Beat riddim.

Tenor Senior - Poorman Living 7'' [1988 Royal Star Original Pressing]

Nice deejay cut on small independent label. Records first half is a likkle beat up, but still plays ok. I've noticed that you see a lot of digital recordings from '87 and '89, but not too many from 1988. My guess would be that would be due to it being an election year, which caused violent instability every 4 years on the island. While I the '76 and '80 elections were known to be the bloodiest, I'm assuming by '88 the streets were still hot! Any other insight?

Trevor Sparks, Junior Wilson, and Mystic Man - Speak Softly / Conroy Smith - Problems 12'' [1989 Blue Trac Original Pressing]

Interesting UK produced 12'', which also, in my opinion, has a harder flip side. The A Side has a combo of singers over a riddim that sounds like the theme from the movie Godfather. Conroy's side has a very similar riddim as well, but for some reason sounds a lot more crucial and less gimmicky.

Sugar Minott - Hi Hello / Jerry Johnson - Saxman Special 12'' [198x Wackies Original Pressing]

This is one bad ass 12'' that was cut around 1983-'84 and features two killer semi-digi tracks. The first side is Sugar singing over a beautiful Revolution riddim cut, and even has a very short chat towards the end by unknown deejay Lover D. The flip side is perhaps slightly more hard hitting, with the saxophone man Johnson ripping up an instrumental version of the Billy Jean riddim. This release was cut during Sugar's time in NYC when he linked with Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes in the early 80's, and has that distinct Wackies sound to it. Bullwackie reminds me of an American version of Jah Shaka, both of who have very unique but instantly recognizable styles. This is the og press by the way, though this tune has been repressed by Wackies.

Junior Cat - Killin Pussy 7'' [1995 John John Original Pressing]

Cat slaughters bumbaclot ediot sounds on this Heavenless remake.
Jammy Jr on the prodo again.

Michael Palmer and Johnny P - Love Problem 7'' [1989 Exterminator Original Pressing]

Another early Exterminator tune with nice combo featuring a veteran in Palmer, and up and comer in Johnny P. Solve it fi me... the love problem baby!

Ras Haas presents Cumbia De Mis Padres Mix

Lately I've been connecting with my dad by going through some of his old (and huge) record collection with him. He had a world music radio show back in college, and has amassed quite a collection of LP's from all over. Right now I've been hooked on some classic Cumbia selections, which originates in Colombia. This is a digital blog to the core, but once in a while I may share something different with you all. Hope you enjoy my mix. Even if you don't speak Spanish it should have you tapping your toes.
PS - This stuff is great to dance to!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Robert Lee - Easy No Man 7'' [198x Josiah 12'' Original Pressing]

Huge huge Tempo riddim from UK based label Josiah. Robert Lee rides the riddim perfectly with his raggamuffin struggler stylee. Sit back, light up a spliff, put this song on, and fly away haha! Hard to find 12''...

Gregory Isaacs - Champion Bubbler 7'' [199x Capricorn International Original Pressing]

Another crucial 90's track, this time featuring the dark crooning of the Cool Ruler.

Yami Bolo - Revolution 7'' [1993 Leggo Original Pressing]

Not to be confused with Yami's The Revolution 7'' (on Soul Survivor label), this is a completely different tune. Interesting and unique sound on here, has almost like a Middle Eastern/Augustus Pablo meets Nyahbingi feel.

General TK - Launch A Attack 7'' [199x Father And Son Original Pressing]

Killer killer 90's tune on the Bigger Boss riddim. Super sound boy murderah! Produced by Jammy and his son John John, hence father and son...

Firehouse Label Super Post!

Anthony Redrose - Bang Ga Wrong 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Killer Tempo like cut over the same riddim as King Kong's Aids tune.
Pack up your whole bang ga wrong!

Singing Melody - Tie Me 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Nice digi bubbler rock.

Lilly Melody - How You Pretty So 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Lilly had a string of hits for Tubby, including this bad boy!

Leroy Gibbons - Some More 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Not sure what the original is that Leroy was covering, but the theme of giving me some more was a popular song name.  Another big 80's anthem here though...

King Kong - Good Fe Nutt'n 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Him a good fe nutt'n cuz him a real Ali Baba!

Little John - No Teck No Set 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

More classic digi by Little John.

Banana Man and Derrick Irie - Tight Clothes 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

For the all the sexy ladies in tight clothes, brought to you by the singing Banana and the DJ Irie.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Admiral Tibett - Don't Run, Don't Hide 7'' [198x Reggae Rock Original Pressing]

Probably the hardest tune that I've heard from Tibett. I love his slick delivery and cultural themes, but often he was paired with softer or watered down riddims trying to match his style. This tune is definitely not like that... classic dark Revolution riddim with the Admiral massacring the lyrics. Rare record!

Horace Martin - Gimme The Grass 7'' [1985 Redman International Original Pressing]

Big ganja tune by the Watermelon Man. Hot early Redman prodo too.

Little Kirk - Avoid Being Girlie Girlie 7'' [198x Black Solidarity Original Pressing]

One of the earliest tunes that Kirky ever recorded, this 7'' is pure madness. Released before his Ghetto People Broke LP (Ruddy's label), his voice sounds still like a likkle youthman, unlike on the LP where he is obviously older and his voice is matured significantly. Here he is, probably no older than 15 singing about running down yu body til it gets diseases spread by monkeys. Deadly!

Michael Palmer - Done With It 12'' [1984 Jedi Original Pressing]

Struggler tune inna massive '84 stylee! Done wit di sufferin...

Fancy Black - Stand Up And Fight 7'' [198x Phantom Original Pressing]

Sound boy version of Rope In riddim includes a loouud intro by the man, Fuzzy Jones. Watch out!

Delroy Melody - Bus Shot 7'' [1984 Harry J Original Pressing]

Nice early digi Jack Ruby prodo full of gun shot effects.