Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Robert - Nobody Can't Stop Me/Tony Rebel - Caan Bad Me Up 12'' [198x Mr. Doo Original Pressing]

Wicked Tempo riddim on both sides, with the version included on the Tony Rebel side. Again, this is for comparison with the original Tempo (posted below). While Rebel is an international star, Little Robert's tune was given priority as the A Side on this 12'', and for good reason. I know very little about him, but his solid vocal styles are up there with some of the better singing youth of the 80's like Little Kirk, and Yami Bolo. Not to down Rebel, as his cut is also hard, and probably better known lol. Gotta give Mr. Doo production props too!

Anthony Redrose - Tempo 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

I know, I know... everyone's heard this one. Posting this as a reference for my next post (Little Robert/Tony Rebel) to demonstrate the versatility of the Tempo riddim. Definitely one of my favorite riddims, this demonstrated the variety achieved with the same bass line. This tunes another one that had the riddim named after it, and at the time, was actually really groundbreaking and experimental. And if you haven't heard this song before and consider yourself a dancehall fan, it's time to come out from that rock you've been hiding under for 25 years!!

Derrick Parker - Joy Ride 7'' [1989 Kennedy International Original Pressing]

Easily a classic must have for any dancehall collection. Another one of those ground-breaking tunes that had the riddim named after it (another example: Screechy Across Border). Everything about this tune is bad-ass, from the instrumental to the vocals. This song that put Parker on the map! The original press is always better than the re-issue, and this is a highly sought after 7'' that can go for pretty pricey. Deadly Dragon recently had posted (and sold) it for over $100...

Powerman - Gone A Lead 12'' [1992 Original, Orig. Pressing]

Big big Head To Toe riddim! Tune was large in early 90's. Powerman another underrated DJ that had some killer records put out in that era. This is a Jammys prodo of course.

Sluggy Ranks and Knight Rider - Pretty Lady 7'' [198x Park Heights Original Pressing]

Mellow singer/DJ combination tune with classic NYC 80's digi vibe. Lesser known Sluggy 7'', though not as crucial as some of the other tracks he cut for Park Heights.

Sister Chinna - Give Me Jah Jah 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

Conscious lyrics by the ram dance woman over the Punany riddim... how ironic! Slackness bun!

Johnny Osbourne - Afe Tan Ya So 7'' [198x Incredible Original Pressing]

This truly is an incredible (no pun intended) track. Great riddim put together by Jr Delgado and Crichton (owner of Intelitec label), which is so rootsy and dark that it sounds very Jah Shaka influenced. One of my favorite Osbourne digi tracks... or any digikal tracks for that matter. On top of it all, the version mix is just as unique and ruff as the vocal side. Do yourself a favor and add this to your music library, you can thank me later!

Leroy Gibbons - What's The Name Of The Sound/Reverend Badoo - Cocaine Tek Over 12'' [198x Jah Jah International Original Pressing]

Nice 12'' with a different mix of Gibbons' big tune which originally appeared on the Arrows label in 1987. Badoo's cut is over the same riddim, which sounds close to Heavenless. Hard to come by record.

Robert French - Ruff Tuff 7'' [198x Ffrench Original Pressing]

One of the better Modern Girl riddim cuts out there in my opinion...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

General Trees - Professional Footballer 7'' [198x Waterhouse Original Pressing]

Dedicated to La Roja's thumping of Italy in the 2012 Euro Cup. Trees professes his love for soccer and even compares himself to Zico and Mardona! Great riddim by Tubbys as well in this track about the most popular and beautiful sport in the world. Can't wait for 2014 World Cup!

Yami Bolo - The Revolution 7'' [199x Soul Survivor Original Pressing]

Crucial 90's version of Baltimore riddim originally by the Tamlins in 1981, I believe. Classic Yami style instrumental and singing. Hot hot!

Steve Knight - Blow Your Nose (And Not Your Mind) 7'' [198x Ridim Force Original Pressing]

What!? Anti-drug, synthesized digi, Trodding Through The Jungle (with chalice in hand) riddim!! Another tuff tuff download not to be passed up... clash killah mash up di competition!

Sanchez - Come To Rule 7'' [1989 Exterminator Original Pressing]

Don't mess with Sanchez! The second (EXT002) 7'' release on Phillip Burrell's Exterminator label, his other label besides Vena. The label later dropped the "e" and went as Xterminator in the 90's. Crucial soundclash tune in a singjay style with classic Fattis production.

Screwdriver - Dance Hall Full Up 7'' [1988 Kangal Original Pressing]

A roll call of who's who of late 80's dancehall stars...

Danny Dread - Free Mandela 7'' [1986 Trinity Original Pressing]

With Apartheid still going strong into the 80's, the topic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, and President Botha were common dancehall themes as they embodied the oppression that Africans at home and abroad faced by colonial regimes. This tune produced by Trinity (aka Jr Brammer) takes a more militant stance, with lyrics about freeing South Africans with a M16 in one hand and bible in the other.

Chaka Demus - Things Serious 7'' [1987 56 Hope Road Original Pressing]

Though on the same label, and with almost identical title as Suru Board's "Serious Thing," this 7'' is quite different but still a tuff tune. Most people think of post "Murder She Wrote" when talking about Chaka, but in the mid 80's he was releasing grittier dancehall material. Same as Pliers for that matter, but when they teamed up and signed on Island Records, they began to release a lot more pop oriented music. Unfortunately, that is what both of them are mainly remembered for, though they both had a string of big hits in JA during the 80's. For the record though, "Murder She Wrote" (the one on Bam Bam riddim) is tuff!