Bless Up

Bless Up

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nitty Gritty - Got To Make It 7'' [198x Mello Sounds Original Pressing]

Rewind selector, all di massive move your feet! Rare og pressing of the
Nitty classic tune. This one was produced by Eric Bubbles aka Derrick
Howard of the African Brothers group (with Sugar Minott and Tony Tuff).
Bubbles owned and operated the Progressive label, which recently teamed
up with Gold Shop to repress this tune on his label. Enjoy mi bredren!!

Mellow Me Mellow
Junior Delgado - Bus I Skull 12'' [1988 Fashion Original Pressing]

Rude rude chune! Nice and ominous track, obviously UK produced. The
80's UK digi scene had a very distinct style, this being a good example
of it. Version included...

Junior Brammer - Hell In A De Dance 7'' [1987 WKS Original Pressing]

Brammer is another under-rated DJ who recorded some pretty tuff tracks. This is one of them... recorded in '87 of course haha.

Courtney Melody - Screechie Across The Border 7'' [1987 Stereo One Original Pressing]

The tune that started it all!! Seriously though, 1987 was the year of
digital dancehall. So many classics came out that year it's
mind-boggling. This was one of those songs... so crucial that they
named the riddim after it. Here's an og copy of it, not the shoddy
repress out now. Also check out Lieutenant Stitchie's Story Time track
on Stereo One over the identical riddim (posted earlier).

Kill Anotha Soundboy
Pablo Nkomo - Wicked Murderer 7'' [1984 Sunset Original Pressing]

Crazy computerized-voiced tune over the Answer riddim. Another obscure early digi era DJ!
Hypocrites, back-stabbers, murders, inciters, vampires... will have to deal with Jah when Judgement comes!!

Wha Dat?
Little John - Nothing Is Impossible/Horace Ferguson - Walk Out On Me 12'' [1984 Jedi Original Pressing]

Nice double-sided early semi-digi tune. Loving the sing-jay stylee!! Both tunes include riddims.

Side A

Side B
Lilly Melody - Older Than Me 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Young gal bleach all night and end up flappy flappy! Melody kills over
the same riddim as John Wayne's Me No Reponse tune, which was posted on
the blog earlier. Enjoy-

Here Ye Go