Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lukie D, Frankie Paul, and Axeman - My Sound Is The Answer [199x Duke Original Pressing]

A much coveted soundboy killer, this unconventional acapella cover of the Beatles Let It Be features an unlikely pairing that includes a singer (FP) and two deejays wailing over a pop synth organ. This guy can also fetch a pretty penny because of it's rareness and uniqueness. Was curious to see what the back side would include, but it was just a random 90's version of some other Duke release. Most Duke releases have different versions (than the A side vocal), or even completely different vocal tracks on the B sides, even though they're just labeled as "version." I wonder if this was meant as a secret hidden track, or to throw off rival sounds... either that, or the production team was just lazy and confused :)

Joe Banner - Love Me Baby 7'' [199x Joe Banner Production Original Pressing]

Independently produced single on the Rope In riddim. Not much info on Banner, but he is the only person credited for everything on the label. My copy is a bit beat up and noisy, but still a good listen.

Papa San - Perdemident 7'' [198x Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Funny little chatty chatty tune by deejay San over Mud Up riddim. I've seen this repressed on both Dennis Star (7'' and 12''), and strangely on Black Solidarity (7'') with the title Predominant.

Anthony Redrose - Life No Easy Game 7'' [199x HowYu Fi Sey Dat Original Pressing]

Tuff piece of mid 90's digi roots by Redrose, who had several nice releases on this label. The title track unfortunately has a pressing defect that causes some noise in the first 30 seconds of the tune (every copy I've heard has it), so I've also uploaded the version too.

Capleton - Hard To Believe / Admiral Tibett - Love Of Jah 12'' [1993 Exterminator Original Pressing]

The A side has a cool little Answer riddim ridden by the then deejay young Capleton, but the AA side is the banger (as usual!). Tibett sings over a crucial Fattis instrumental known as the Over The Years riddim, popularized by the Cocoa Tea tune of that name. The Cocoa Tea track appears on the Tune In LP, which also includes a remix featuring Charlie Chaplin titled Heads Of Government. The three tunes, lastly, appear all together on a Greensleeves 12'', which is fairly hard to find. Oh, and I've included the version for Tibett's side btw.

Ricky Stereo - Jealousy Lover 12'' [1989 Ossie Original Pressing]

Fierce three part release on this riddim by under the radar producer Ossie Hibbert. While producing for several other labels over the years, he also had his own Ossie label in the late 80's and early 90's. This killer features a nice likkle Joe Lickshot intro, and was also released in the UK as a Living Room label 12'', as well as more recently as a 7'' repress by Gold Shop with the Lionel Craig tune and the backside.

 Pliers - Come In A The Dance / Lionel Craig - Under Mi Nose 12'' [198x Ossie Original Pressing]

For some reason the Pliers tune is on the A side, but anyone who buys this record is getting it for the back side. The Pliers track is so boring that I haven't even ripped it for y'all. I have however included the Ansel Meditation (as Lionel Craig) song, who's lyrics also speak of romance problems with an interesting domestic animal analogy. Originally from the roots group the Meditations, the artist also released much solo material using his real name, Ansel Cridland.

Johnny Osbourne - I'm Moving Up 12'' [1989 Ossie Original Pressing]

The last of the three releases on this hot riddim, and probably my favorite cut of the trio. This was also released as a Living Room 12'' and 7'' Gold Shop repress. This (and the Ricky Stereo record) appears to be an original Jamaican 12'' release, while the Lionel Craig record is an original US 12'' releases. A bit unusual actually, as with vinyl always a shortage on the island (because of the sheer amount of records being put out), most JA releases are on 7'', while US pressed dancehall appeared primarily on 12'' to appeal to an American audience and disc jockeys. I've included the version on the recording here.