Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly 7'' [198x Jammys Original Pressing]

One of the original Sleng Teng's! One of his biggest and earliest hits besides Ring Di Alarm!

A What A What...
King Kong - Time Is The Master 7'' [1987 Upsetter Original Pressing]

On the same Far East riddim cut as Hopeton James Tears track.

H. I. M.
Jimmy London and Daddy Woody - Little Sound Boy 7'' [199x Ujama Original Pressing]

Nice sound killing version of the Oh Carolina riddim originally
performed by the Folk Brothers, though later made famous by Shaggy.
Bombaclot brup bruuuup!

Banana Man - Don't Play With My Love 7'' [1989 Bebo's Original Pressing]

Bizzare tune... kinda hip hop sounding instrumental, with Banana's unique delivery making this even weirder. Check it out lol.

Yellowman - Budget 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

One off riddim of Pinchers/Daddy Freddy Joker Lover killa...
Funny lyrics!

Cement Factory?
Thriller U - On And On/Woody Noble - Girl You Really Turn Me On 12'' [198x Mixing Lab Original Pressing]

I don't really understand why these 2 tracks were teamed up on this
12''... The A side is a pretty lame pop influenced love song, while the
B side is a crucial digital killer. What's even stranger is that the B
side is on the same riddim as Thriller U's Substitute For Your Love
which is on Mixing Lab as well. Why not just pair those 2 tunes
instead? Even stranger, the 7'' version of the Woody Noble tune is a
different mix than the 12'', and in my opinion, slightly better. Below
you can find links to them all...

Side A

Side B

Girl You Really Turn Me On 7'' Mix

Substitute For Your Love

The las two tracks to download are not my records... please contact me if you have either 7'' for sale!!
Eyon Irie - Jah Can Help Us All 7'' [1989 Track Star Original Pressing]

Mellow version of the Answer riddim with some nice conscious lyrics!
Record says it's a cover (adapted), but I can't figure out who does the

Who's gonna help the boy that dies at 21?
Who's gonna help the man that gave that boy a gun?
No one but Jah can help us all...
Jah can help us alllll!

Bless I
Briggy Paul - Nuh Teck It Up 7'' [198x Rockers Master International Original Pressing]

It seems that Briggy was pretty much a one hit wonder with this tune
being his most well known track. As big as this song is, it doesn't
seem that he released much else. Either way this is a must have record
for any digi collector!

Nuh Teck Up Di Drugs Youthman
Tony Rebel and Mutabaruka - Mama Land 12'' [199x Flames Original Pressing]

Another tuff mid 90's digikal roots song. For those that don't know,
Mutabaruka is a Jamaican spoken word artist that has released a lot of
politically sparked records since the 70's.

Roots A Yard!
Buju Banton - Murderer (The Remix) 7'' [1993 Penthouse Original Pressing]

Oh man and I thought the original version of this song was hard! This
remix is crazy crucial and doesn't really resemble the original that
well. Much more fast paced and rootsy. Peep-

Matanza Musical
Spanner Banner - Man A Foundation 7'' [199x Bonner Original Pressing]

Nice mid 90's digi roots revival style chune featuring Banner's sweet
voice. Produced by Pliers (Everton Bonner) on the two brother's label.
Cool label art as well!

Yagga Yo
Yami Bolo - I Don't Know Why 7'' [1991 Wacam Original Pressing]

Wicked Tempo cut featuring some haunting singing covering Jackson 5's hit. Another hard to find digi classic-

Aqui Pelados
Neville Valentine - Dancing
Partner/Little John and Roman Stewart - New Broom, Old Broom/Sammy
Dread - No Trouble Them 12'' [1986 Libra Original Pressing]

Super rare and killer triple tune 12'' on the Dancing Bubbler riddim,
made famous by Screwdriver's She Boom Style. All 3 tracks are super
tuff, though I think I like Sammy Dread's the best. The Little John
track does have some nice horns that aren't in the other two though.
This is on Valentine's Libra label-

Dancing Partner

New Broom

No Trouble Them
Tommy Trouble - Enquirer 7'' [1990 Tesfa Original Pressing]

Bad bad tune! Killer digi riddim, complete with Major Mackerel style eeneei meenies!