Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anthony Star - Let Me Know Your Intention 7'' [198x Maxfield 77 Original Pressing]

A prized possession of my crates, this rare digi killer has one of the baddest intro instrumental I've heard. Really don't have any info on artist or label, which just adds to the mystique haha. It's these type of independent, small number of pressed 7'' records that make my day. Do yourself the favor and make your acquaintances with this bad boy.
Dread Bob - Hills Run Red 7'' [1995 Music Warrior Original Pressing]

Dread Bob with the self produced ganja anthem badmouthing babylon for burning down the kaya fields. Another tuff digikal roots set with a dancehall flavor, Bob released a good number of good tunes oh his label. I try to keep my dancehall collection between the golden years of 1984-1994, but occasionally will give or take a year or 2 if it's crucial enough!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anthony Redrose - Modern Sound / Junior Cat - Gal A Say One 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

Side A has sound crushing version of Modern Girl riddim, which Redrose rides while at his height back in the day. Side AA features Super Cat's younger brother, the man named Jr Cat, as he rides a version of Mud Up. Both tunes have Witty give the instrumentals a nice reworking that has a similar sound/style. Versions included on both these guys.

Donovan Joseph - Grow 7'' [199x Earl Jr Original Pressing]

Ruff little piece of early 90's digi roots, which even includes a panther roar as the intro! There was also a remix of this tune with Nardo Ranks featured on it, known as Grow Mi Waan Grow. Joseph released a lot of his material om the High Times label, owned by Earl Chinna Smith, so I'm guessing that Earl Jr is probably his son. He even released an LP in 1991 on Earl Sr's label, named Sounds Of Many Colours, but this song (and the remix) do not appear on it. Cover of LP is below (not my pic), and I do not own copy... if someone wants to post up, please do. Oh, and this 7'' I've got plays little noisily fyi.

Lee Crystal - Give My Loving A Try 7'' [1988 Romantic Original Pressing]

Tuff and cutty version of Screechie Across The Border by little known singer Lee Crystal. Not best quality pressing, with 1 or 2 small skips, but the scaled down instrumental and deep bassline still shines through hard. Big up Little John on production! Apologies for shitty pic too.

Dignitary Stylish - Jah A The Bigger Boss 7'' [1987 Oneness Original Pressing]

I'm so bad at identifying riddims some times... besides some of the more obvious and favorites of mine, I struggle to name them even though I totally recognize the basslines. This is a killer little upbeat tune by conscious deejay Dignitary, over a riddim that sounds like Punanie (right?). So many of the basslines are so similar, sometimes it can hard to decipher exactly... or at least that's going to be my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Daddy Lilly - Tun Back Rasta 7'' [198x Photographer 7'' Original Pressing]

Lilly chats about all the fake rasta out there trying to ride the vibes. Over same riddim as Carl Meeks' Love Of Jah (posted on blog earlier). The two of them teamed up for a couple lovers rock songs in the 80's on Hugh Redman and also George Lemon's labels.