Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anthony Redrose - Para Fanatic 12'' [198x Bum Rock Original Pressing]

This post seems appropriate enough with the retro popularity of cocaine becoming chic and more acceptable it seems. Maybe I'm just getting older and crankier, but what happened to going to a party and just seeing some beers and joints being passed around? It's probably linked to the hipster's obsession with the 70's/80's, though I'm sure guys like El Chapo may also be partially responsible haha. 

Here we find a nice 12'' release of Redrose singing about the dangers of the pelico/paro, which wreaked a lot of havoc on the dancehall scene both in Jamaica and NYC in the 80's. Pelico is a butchered way of saying perico (parrot), a Spanish slang for the drug, and is derived from the perky, intense way cokeheads act when loaded.

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