Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frankie Paul - Gun Shot 7'' [1986 Skengdon Original Pressing]

Much coveted sound man tune that FP mashes up. The 7''/12'' mixes are different (and better) than the version that appears on his Sizzling LP for Skengdon. The bass line is just ridiculous on this one.
Gun shot... we no respect dat!

King Everald - Bad Girls 7'' [1986 Jammys Original Pressing]

Very nice King Jammy prodo on one of the few crucial riddims that he did not over exploit.
Watch out fi dem wicked ladies!

Louie Culture and Wayne Rankin - Circle Africa 7'' [198x Redman International Original Pressing]

Though Louie Culture hit big in 1992 with his Gangalee single, he actually started his recording career as part of the duo Wayne And Louie in the late 80's. Here he is with his sparring partner Wayne Rankin tearing up a conscious Sleng Teng riddim as they tear up the Motherland.

Echo Minott - Follow Me 7'' [198x Music Master Original Pressing]

Another huuuge 7'' by the one of the "Super's" of dancehall. Same ruff Run Down The World riddim as Nicodemus' Earth And Moon aka Computer Knife And Fork (as it appears on his Mr. Fabulous LP). Producer Witty mainly released his tunes as Music Works 7'' records on the island, and 12'' singles on his Brooklyn based Witty label. This 7'' is surprisingly a US release on Music Works, and has a glossy and more colorful art label than the Jamaican Music Works releases. Lastly, Gold Shop did repress this tune and several other takes of the same riddim onto Witty 7'' records, further adding to the confusion. As far as I know, no 7'' original pressings were ever released on the Witty label.

Richie Sonic - Memories 7'' [198x Crat Original Pressing]

Tuff digi scorcher! Crat had a number of under rated and cutty releases by even lesser known artists. This is one of them obviously.

Scion Sashay Success - Pain A Back / My Love 12'' [1984 Ashantites Original Pressing]

Killer double sided 12'' produced by Jah Life and released on Ashantites label (US). Side A features the same famous Hot Milk riddim as Barrington Levy's Murderer hit from the same year. Both sides feature versions... Struggler anthem!

Chicken Chest - Haffe Stan Up 7'' [1987 Ayeola Original Pressing]

Slackness come down! Chicken chest with his patented squawking noises letting you use your imagination to figure out what he needs to stand up for him... *Hint: It happens when the girls walk by.

Early B - Nah Love Truck 7'' [198x J&M Original Pressing]

Lil digikal rub a dub feel with the Doctor. This track doesn't appear on the J&M split LP with Malibu titled My Friends Circle Jamaica, though it does appear on a 12'' single with Malibu's hit Live Blanket on the B side.

Little John - Man Tonic 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Big chune on the Jazzbo riddim better known for Manchez's Struggler 7'', repress available by DDS. I've heard a couple other versions on this MPLA riddim, including Hopeton Junior's Tell Me Darling and Prince Jazzbo's 333, which don't really sound like the Tapper Zukie original. Little John here speaks about the rise in popularity of Spanish Fly in Jamaica, which is an aphrodisiac (originally used for breeding horses) that men would slip in women drinks. Not quite a date rape drug, but still shady! Women don't want the horse tonic... they want John's man tonic!

Junia Walker - Caress Me Girl 7'' [1988 Jusic International Original Pressing]

Haunting digi cover of Dennis Brown's roots tune, which was originally on the Trodding Through The Jungle riddim, and is a bad bad song as well. Junia and Squidley do a good job on the remake instrumental though, making it match the singing just as well as the original. This song also appears on the Nu Jusic All Stars LP.