Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Michael Levy - Don't Run Away 7'' [1988 Kangal Original Pressing]

Brilliant, deadly, dark, rare... what else is there to say about this one?! Definitely a collector's item, this is a nice likkle piece of digital vinyl. This one's for Nofoo, who seems to be the only person out there actually appreciating (and commenting) on these posts... and being patient with my lack of Selector activity  :)

Frankie Paul - Promise Land 7'' [1992 Champion Original Pressing]

While many dancehall intrumentals/versions of Dennis Brown's Promised Land can be found, this FP tune is actually a straight cover of the original. Nice digital relick of the riddim for sure!

Carlene Davis - Rise Up (President Mandela) 7'' [1994 Jammys Original Pressing]

While many uninformed dancehall critics yammer about the genre being only materialistic and shallow, there were plenty of conscious releases speaking of Pan-African solidarity and freedom. Just like Frankie's tune above, this beautiful cut over Tempo exemplifies that unity, including the chanting in the chorus even sounding like some traditional Zulu singing.

Frankie Paul - Israel 7'' [1993 Shocking Vibes Original Pressing]

Here we see another FP tune singing about returning to Zion/Israel/Africa/Promised Land, but this time over a digital No More Will I Roam riddim. Kinda random that this appears on the Shocking Vibes label, as they didn't cut too much rootsy stuff like this.

Wickerman - Up In Class 7'' [199x 2 Tuff Original Pressing]

And we complete our early 90's conscious dancehall tour by coming full circle with the one Wickerman. Here he rides another cut of the Promised Land riddim with lyrics degrading the slackness trend. The riddim is actually more crucial on the version (happens sometimes), so I've included that too.Digging the label art here too haha...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sluggy Ranks - Ketch Them Fraid 12'' [1990 Mr. Doo Original Pressing]

Tuff tuff Sluggy shows di soundboys no mercy! Nice likkle cut of Give Me The Right riddim... I know there's one or two more cuts on this same instrumental by Mr. Doo, but I can't place my finger on it currently. I believe they are LP cuts and not singles, while this Sluggy release can be found on 7'' or 12'' however.

Mikey General - I Love You 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Can't place the riddim, but know I've heard it on some other classic Vena releases. Big bad tune! Fattis was killing the game waaaay back then with these early digi killers.


Tyrone Taylor - So In Love 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Same riddim as above tune. Not a cover of Taylor's roots tune with the same name on Harry J (1978).

Singer Doo - Magic In Your Eyes 7'' [1988 Trench Town Original Pressing]

Rare Canadian release by off-key singer Doo (no relation to Mr. Doo label as far as I know) over the Chase Vampire riddim. Just wait till the bass drops!! The label also released a Willie Williams tune named Run Them A Run over the same version.

Anthony John - Share My Life 7'' [198x Bold Gold Original Pressing]

Back with more ruff obscurity for all my digi ninjas!

Roundhouse To Chin!

This road can be hard sometimes...  I recently lost an old friend last month to gun violence. While we had chosen separate life paths over the years, it's always tough when things like this hit home. This is the stark reality of growing up in an urban environment, one where too many of the homies have passed on over meaningless things. Shouldn't matter which set, or block, or side you claim... as Junior Reid said... 
One Blood.

RIP Chris