Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nuthead Irie - Bumming Ball 7'' [198x Wild Apache Original Pressing]

Rare and amazing digikal chune by the one and only Nuthead. Don't know
why this riddim was used more, as it's fucking crucial. Either way,
enjoy... I don't have any more info on the track-


Also, know I've been slacking on the posting. Promise to start trying
to post more often, as I have a lot more great records to share. Thank
you for supporting though! Happy New Years-
Wayne Smith - Borrow Borrow 7'' [1984 Fish Tea Original Pressing]

Early, pre Sleng-Teng, Wayne Smith tune on the small independent Fish
Tea label. Goes out to all the loafers and slackers always trying to
borrow your shit... including your shirt off your back!

Junior Reid - Poor Man Transportation 7'' [198x Rockers Forever Original Pressing]

Mi no wah no blasted car, mi no wah no blasted mini van...
Mi jus ride mi bicycle for transportation...

Crucial Junior digi roots tune praising the convenience of bicyles.
Must have 7'' for any Reid or bike enthusiasts!

-Wheelie Wheelie-
Derrick Parker - Ruff Neck Sound 7'' [1990 Cha-Cha Original Pressing]

Another big big rub-a-dubish sound! Originally released by Rula Brown
on the Bee Cat label, this was also released a year later on the
obscure Cha-Cha records. I love how the track starts, with the vocals
and drums slowly building up, before the bass comes in hard. Guaranteed
to nice up di dance!!

Come Down

King Kong - Du No Get High 12'' [198x Ottey's Promotion Original Pressing]

Pure sound murderation with this big tune! Mint copy of this rare UK
press with Kong rapping about the perils of drug abuse. Do not miss-

Daddy Woody - Hungry 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Killer Sleng Teng, this tune is featured on the Old Vs Young LP comp by
Jazzbo. I've heard this tune listed as "Buck And A Bite" as well...

Slim Belly Man
Chicken Chest - Raggamuffin Selector 7'' [1986 Oneness Original Pressing]

I had posted the repressed copy of this earlier, but the link died.
Finally picked up the og press, so figured I'd rip that and share it
with yall instead. As requested by Blezzy Bounce...

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