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Bless Up

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Michael Anthony - So She Like It 7'' [198x Photographer Original Pressing]

Crucial vibes on this rarity! George Lemon's label was best known for it's Carl Meeks and (to some extent) also Daddy Lilly's hits, but also had a small number of tuff tunes like this one. While Meek's style was more digital rub a dub, some of the rare 7'' releases were much more heavy and slow. I'm not sure if this is the same guy that dropped the Reality LP as Mike Anthony for the Canadian label Elements in 1986. Either way it's a hot likkle chune!!

Apachie Chief - Economic Crisis 7'' [1985 Sunset Original Pressing]

The name of the geopolitical capitalist game... always ah di economics crisis.

Tony Tuff - Don't Stop Seh So / Ain't No Stop Us 12'' [1986 Three Kings/Keeling Original Pressing]

Bubbling little killer, haven't really heard this one much. Three Kings (with help from Jet Star) being the UK based distribution label for the US based Keeling records. The A Side is the standout tune, recorded inna Disco 12'' style with the track transitioning right into the version. 

Dawn Penn - What Do You Do 7'' [1995 Da Beat Original Pressing]

Penn started her career in the 60's as a rocksteady artist, and is best known for her massive Studio One hit You Don't Love Me (No No No). She went on a musical hiatus in in the 70's, but then restarted her career in the late 80's. While still recording new material, she is still mainly known for her biggest single, and has recorded numerous remixes and hooks/samples using her famous No No No line. 

This release here has nothing to do with that tune, but is a crucial mid-90's digi roots example of her later work (she produced this too!).
Brian & Tony Gold - Frontline 12'' [199x Two Friends Original Pressing]

Another tuff release, this time on the Two Friends label (Michael Bennett and Patrick Lindsay being those 2 friends I'd imagine). I have some more ruff tunes from them to post later, as their productions have also slowly been growing on me. Similar to Gussie P's sound, this label has a more modern, almost "Americanized" sound to it but with a distinct Jamaican twist. Some of their material crosses that line and becomes too R&B for me, but then there are other releases that come close but brilliantly don't cross it.

Puddy Roots - Free Mandela 7'' [1989 Bebo's Original Pressing]

Beat up copy of killer tune promoting the liberation of South Africa a couple years before Apartheid officially ended. Puddy and Bebo Phillips gwan beat down di fence!

Yami Bolo - Through The Falling Rain / Steve Harper - Night And Day 12'' [1988 Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

As requested by Ryan Brooks...
Side A is a blistering cover of Teddy Pendergrass' terrible Love Song. This is a nice example of a pop song covered inna dancehall stylee blowing the original out of the water. Yami the youthman again killing it over a great Sugar Minott production. The AA Side on this is a cool tune by YP singer Harper, with a cover of Al B Sure's Night And Day (also from 1988). Song is little weird but has grown on me... 
Both tracks include versions.