Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wayne Marshall - I L.O.V.E. / Colonel Casper - Fear Of Jah Jah 12'' [1986 Quadro Pack Original Pressing]

Double sided 12'' with both singers riding the same high energy UK digi root riddim. Not sure if this would qualify as a Steppers beat, but tuff either way. Casper kills this one in my opinion though with his conscious lyrics and deejay style! Haven't seen much else released under this label, but it was an affiliate of Greensleeves. Both tunes feature a bit of a version at the end, but the Marshall side has a longer, more pronounced one.

Anthony Redrose - He Be Boomday 7'' [1987 Clarendon Original Pressing]

Redrose rode many tuff digi riddims with his almost robotic style of singing, including this one, which has a instrumental that perfectly matches his approach. Most of his biggest tracks were cut for Firehouse, but he also had some sleepers on independent labels like this 7''. Another one that can be hard to find and pricey.

Admiral Tibett - You A Babylon / Cocoa Tea - Girl Get Ready 12'' [198x Moodies Original Pressing]

If I had a dollar for every Admiral Tibett tune with the word Babylon in the title... 
Well, here's another one that I haven't really seen much. Produced by King Jammy's brother Trevor "Uncle T' James, this side just isn't very crucial. Flip it over to the other side though and you have a dangerous version of Little Kirk's Don't Touch The Crack (Live And Love, repressed by Livity) being rode by Cocoa Tea! Serious tune here... Both with versions included.

Sanchez - Kill A Sound 7'' [198x TB Sharp Original Pressing]

Gonna Kill Your Sound If It Takes All Night...
Nice likkle mellow sound crusher on the Head To Toe riddim. Sanchez made his fame through his romantic crooning and silky style, but he also had a string of dancehall war tunes that are tuff like this.

Nerious Joseph - You're My Special Lady / Danger Man 12'' [198x Fashion Original Pressing]

An original classic on the one of the UK's premier sounds from the 80's. The A Side is generic lovers rock, but Side AA is the real treat. Blistering Tempo riddim with killer instrumental and lyrics. This bad boy unfortunately did not get pressed as much as some other Fashion singles, and usually goes for steep prices. Definitely worth grabbing if you come across it though, as it has not been repressed (so far!). Oh and both sides are inna 12'' disco stylee with tune going straight into version.