Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jr Coxs - Love Is Magic 7'' [198x Rythmn International Original Pressing]

As a dancehall record collector, nothing excites me more than finding a rare, crucial independent record that was pressed limitedly and is virtually unknown. Jamaica is infamous for this, as the volume of music that has come out of the island is per capita higher than any other nation on earth. You can hunt for years and years, yet still come across something you've never even heard of. Especially in the 80's, with the dawn of the digital era, vinyl releases exploded, and there were a ton of one hit wonder singers, deejays, and producers trying to strike it big. Here's a great example of that by the singjay Junior Coxs(?). Tuff instrumental + sharp vocals + homemade label art = crucial chuneage! Unlike some soundsystems that may try to horde these tunes for themselves, I've tried my best (and will continue to do so) to share some of these releases with you all to spread the vibes. Bless up!!

Sugar Minott - No Wicked 12'' [198x Ikus Original Pressing]

Rough Wine riddim produced by Whitfield "Witty" Henry, featured on the Ikus label. This riddim was named after Sluggy Ranks' tune by the same name, and these two tunes, along with a few others were repressed by Gold Shop a few years back (see Carlton Livingston - Why You Do It, Nitty Gritty - Sweet Dreams).

Junior Wilson - Mama Told Me 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

The fifth, and last, tune released on this riddim by Witty is this tuff guy (also repressed by GS). Junior Wilson sings about respecting your elders and listening to motherly advice. Neither of these tracks have the version included (appears on B side). Pure niceness and culture!

Burt Lancaster - Blood Pool 7'' [1991 Mr. Steel Original Pressing]

Bad bad bad bad Sandokan (Full Up) riddim! Murderous tune by another little known deejay following the trend of naming himself after a famous American action actor/movie character (see Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, John Wayne...). Loving the label art too!

Fire Red - Can't Get Mi Love 7'' [1988 Black Gold Original Pressing]

Killer tune here by unknown singer complaining about all the women that want his love but can't get any. Was also released by Classic Sounds on 7'', and has a riddim that sounds reminiscent to Tonight. Either way, check this scorcher!

Chaka Demus - Vanity Crazy 7'' [1989 Selekta Original Pressing]

Tuff little dancehall tune here, with the Chaka chatting about the dangers of vanity... love people more than money! This tune appears on the Selekta Showcase Vol. 1 LP, which is of course also on INI Kamoze's label. Piraters also beware... unauthorized copying is jailhouse business!

Danny Dread - Defeat 7'' [1991 Jammys Original Pressing]

The Reverend preaches about the ugly gal taking over and defeating the pretty girls at the dance. This is a nice little Jammy tune that you don't see too often, on a tuff riddim for being some 90's selection. Never heard anything else on this riddim from the Jammys camp, which is odd, being that the King usually ran version after version of popular riddim tracks that he produced.

Collie Weed - Maniac 12'' [198x Bebo's Original Pressing]

Simplified and mellow cover of Michael Sembello's classic theme from the 80's film Flashdance. Another example of American pop music being covered (sometimes outlandishly) by Jamaican dancehall artists. I have heard other covers of this tune, with White Mice's version probably being the best.