Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Josey Wales - Drug Abusing 7'' [1984 Harry J Original Pressing]

While we're on the topic of drug use, the Outlaw has his two cents to spit as well. This was a common theme during the crack/heroin epidemic of the 80's that hit so many ghettoes across the world. Teach the youth right!

Hum Bugs
Mikey Melody - Crack Out 7'' [1989 Pickout Original Pressing]

Sleng Teng-esque sound says no to drugs....
Crack Out you rotten!
Yu soon forgotten!

Run Ya Crackheads!
Major Mackerel - God Sooon Come 7'' [1988 Stereo Mix Original Pressing]

The second coming? Meenie Meenie seems to thinks so!!

Hey Hey
Michael Prophet - Imagine Me 7'' [1987 Alpine Original Pressing]

Another man made fameous before the digi era, Prophet proves he was still capable later in his career. Very nice lovers riddim by Niney the Observer.

Sammy Dread and Mellow Yellow - Telephone Man/Robert Minott - Tonight 12'' [198x Brown's Sound Original Pressing]

Some riddims are so recognizable that I can't put my finger on the name... This is one of those (help please!). Kinda sounds like Early B's classic Sunday Dish. Either way this is pretty crucial too. Singing Sammy, not known for many digikal tunes, rips it with the albino DJ Mr. Yellow aka Yellow Hands, best known for his Herpes tune with Young Ranks. Side B features Robert Minott singing sweetly. Tune produced in the States... and Minott's track has version included. Enjoy!

Side A

Side B

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Papa San - DJ Touch Up 7'' [1989 Out-Burst Original Pressing]

I guess this song is directed towards Flourgon more than Lizard, but either way it's definitely a response to some of the tracks trashing Pupa S. No one is spared as San disses a shitload of DJ's on this one. While this was more of a fun and peaceful way to poke fun at rivals in the heyday, artists like Ninjaman sadly began taking the beef's to whole 'nother levels by bringing violence into the mix.

Daddy Lizard - Them Dun 7'' [198x Music Master Original Pressing]

Lizardman warning all other soundboys that they stand no chance in the arena. Witty produced. He goes as far as to call out specific DJ's, one of those being Papa San.... not sure if this came out before San's DJ Touch Up tune (which is posted above), but either way both exchange a few playful words on the tracks about each other. I guess one of the lesser known dancehall rivalries that have been so prevalent over the years. Enjoy!

Fork Tongue
Yami Bolo - La Isla Bonita 7'' [1991 Yam Euphony Original Pressing]

Crazy cover of Madonna's spicy latin 1986 hit! Haha pinche cabrona ni sabe que dice! Anyway, it's tracks like this that make Yami stand out to me. You guys getting sick of the covers yet? Lots of adapted tunes lately on this blog.... just a reminiscent mood I've been in lately, I guess. Peep this shit out for real though-

Panocha Aqui
Colourman - Dirty Ways Gal 7'' [1985 Creation Original Pressing]

Another huge tune from back in the day. One of "The Bible Man's" first singles, the song was included in his 1986 Kick Up Rumpus LP. If you haven't yet, get your hands on that album too... the title track is just as hard! I've included a photo of the back of the record only because the front is so faded.... the version is not included.

Madoo - Sad Music 7'' [1988 Redman International Original Pressing]

Rare Madoo track here over Daddy Lizard's Move Your Body riddim full of promiscous girlfriends and backstabbing friends . While I beleive this is the original Madoo, there is a possibility of this being his younger brother UU Madoo... being that they both had similar deliveries, and the lil' bro was was infamous for covering his older bro's songs. Either way this is a special chune!!

Courtney Melody and Danny Dread - Call Me 7'' [198x Rockers Master International Original Pressing]

Kuff riddim version of the sappy love song by the Pretenders.... awesome combo here!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

General Trees - Bun It Down 7'' [199x Scaramouche Original Pressing]

Slightly bogle sounding tune on the rare label. Even for somebody that can't stand the bogle sound, this song is pretty good for mid 90's. I like the toy sound effects through out the track-

Bun Trees
Lovindeer and Shabba Ranks - Manhunt 7'' [1990 TSOJ Original Pressing]

This chune is ridculously crucial!! Everything is perfect.... from both singers back and forth style to the tuff riddim. What more can I say.... easily one of my favorite dancehall tracks hands down.

The Sound Of JA
Gregory Isaacs - Reservation 7'' [198x African Museum Original Pressing]

RIP the Cool Ruler.... no singer will ever be as smooth and suave as Gregory. The original don! Here we have a nice digi cut that is different from the Confirm Reservation track off his 1981 LP More Gregory (see video below). Both tracks are stellar! We miss you!


Captain Remo - Girl's Talk 7'' [198x Photographer Original Pressing]

One thing I love about dancehall is that there were so many artists in the golden era of the late 80's/early 90's that you always stumble upon a new name you've never heard of. Yet no matter how obscure, there's still a great song to be played. This is one of those examples.

Yagga Yo
Malibu - Sad Mood 7'' [198x Kesta Original Pressing]

Not really another cover song, but certainly sounds inspired by Sam Cooke's soul classic. Malibu adds his own twist on the lyrics.... fully equiped with Michael Jackson-esque noises and a funky riddim by Casta "Kesta" Pearson.

Boo Hoo
Mikey General and City Cat - Time Tuff 7'' [199x New Name Original Pressing]

Cool duo set.... label says "adapted" but I can't figure what or who's done the original song they're covering. Sounds nothing like the Toots and Maytals song with the same name.... anybody know whats up?

Hopeton James - Be Happy 7'' [1988 Sky High Original Pressing]

A digi cover of Bobby Mcferrin's late 80's hit. The original being an acapella, I again like this dancehall version better than the cheesy original.... not that this one isn't a likkle cheesy too.

Also a big shout out to Prince Nomad who's name you might have seen on some of these 45's. He was nice enough to pass his collection on to me, lord hav' mercy! Too bad he had to write all over his records....

Mau Mau