Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tenor Saw - Come Me Just A Come 12'' [1987 Blue Mountain Original Pressing]

Ruff n tuff chune by the man named Saw! Tenor did not record for any single producer for very long, instead cutting singles for various labels during his short rise to fame. Some of his better known releases were compiled by Blue Mountain for his only LP, titled Fever (based on hit title track). However, most of those tunes can be found as 7'' and 12'' releases, as well as other tracks that for whatever reason never made it on to the LP. This is one of those non-LP tracks, and is just as deadly as ever! Can be found as a repress 12'' on Blue Mountain as well as Blue Trac labels. * I've included the version here too.

Little John and Peter Metro - True Confession (?) / Tenor Saw - Roll Is Called 12'' [198x Powerhouse Original Pressing]

Double sided 12'' release in a disco stylee! First side has the title track from Little John's True Confession LP (Powerhouse, 1984) which was a massive hit when released. It is strangely mixed to include Peter Metro chatting about war and crime on the second half of this disco mix (I don't know the name of the Metro tune, or whether it was even released on it's own). The second side is the true killer though, with Saw listing a roll call of big names in the dancehall scene. This tune is included on the Fever LP (as Roll Call) and was even covered by the reggae/ska-cover band Sublime on their Jailhouse track. The mixing on this side is more appropriately done with the version haha.

Half Pint - She Is Mine 7'' [198x Mass Hugh Original Pressing]

Normally I'm not a big Half Pint, as his style was better suited to early 80's rub-a-dub dancehall instrumentals, and didn't adapt well to digital vibes. This release is an exception though, as he rides a tuff likkle digi riddim with his melodic lovers rock singing. Big up the Pint!

Scion Sashay Success - Genocide / Sister Carol - Mother Culture 7'' [199x San Salvage Original Pressing]

Really digging this bubbly double-sided 7'' on Scion's label, both tracks over the same Hot Milk riddim. Conscious lyrics as usual, with Scion preaching that the youthman study up his history, while Carol chats about respecting womankind!

*Interesting fact of the day: Scion Success is fairly short, and Sister Carol's favorite color is green...

Little John - Do Mama 7'' [198x Techniques Original Pressing]

Killer version of Revolution riddim by Winston Riley, with John chatting about his strict mother! As far as I know, the Techniques label's only other release on this riddim is a 7'' by Lieutenant Stitchie named Lover Boy.

Panhead and Yoruba - Hot Teaser 7'' [1993 Drum And Bass Original Pressing]

Nice likkle upbeat combo tune from two deejays, the late Panhead, and the unknown Yoruba. Riddim is a bit like Heavenless and is good example of the early 90's dancehall sound.

Earl Sixteen - Cocaine / Junior Brammer (aka Trinity) - Know Your Friend 12'' [198x Kaya Original Pressing]

Early digi double sided 12'' featuring the same killer Swing Easy riddim on both sides. Thirty years later and these tunes seem so relevant still...

Copac (as Callie B) - Someone Knocking On My Door 7'' [198x Studio Quality Original Pressing]

Another lesser known release by Canadian singer Copac, who later changed his name to Callie B. He also released a hard to find self-titled LP on the Studio Quality label under this new name. This single alternates between sound killing and lovers rock in a strange but catchy way. Kind of reminiscent of the Soundboy 7'' on Mes Jam that I posted on the blog long ago (link is probably dead by now).