Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I realize that I've been a little sparse with my posts, so I do appreciate the patience. As most of you probably would agree, there are not enough hours in the day... Will try to post more often than once a month though. Thanks and praise! With that, I leave you with this brilliant tune...

Errol Strength - Tears 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

Never heard of this guy, but he's got a smooth voice as he croons over the same killer riddim as Sluggy Ranks' famous 95% Black track (also on Witty). The song is also supposed to be a loose cover (adapted) of what I'm guessing is Winston Hussey's Tear Drops or Dobby Dobson's Tears On My Pillow. Either way it's a crucial tune, do not miss! Version not included by the way (it's on the flip side).

Tonto Irie - Hot Up Bout Ya 7'' [198x Rythem Track Original Pressing]

This bad tune is on the same riddim as Little Bimbo's (aka Garnet Silk) Problem Everywhere tune, back when Silk was a deejay and before his rise to fame as a roots singer. This tune also includes similar lyrics to Tonto's World Best Lover track, which is probably the best tune he ever released. From what I've noticed, pretty much everything on the Rythem Track label from the 80's is crucial and rare (and expensive)! Another example of a small independent label that prioritized quality over quantity of material.

Gregory Isaacs - Rude Boy Saddam / You Lie 12'' [199x Black Scorpio Original Pressing]

Probably the only dancehall track I've heard about the Gulf War, though the title singles out Saddam Hussein, Isaacs lays it heavy on George Bush Sr as well! Definitely one of Isaac's more sought after digi tunes, with a ruff early 90's production by Jack Scorpio. This particular 12'' is the UK release, as any Jet Star distributed record is, and also features a nice generic broken heart single on the B side that is more up the Cool Ruler's alley. Both sides are strangely missing the versions too...

Steve Clarke - Selecta Mi Come 7'' [1987 Black Solidarity Original Pressing]

Unknown conscious singjay artist Clarke rides a nice riddim similar actually to the Carl Meeks Run Come riddim posted below. Not the best quality tune, but the bassline shines through!

White Mice - Nothing Never Done Before The Time 7'' [198x Intelitec Original Pressing]

Another one of White Mice's heavy tunes from the Intelitec label (owned by his brother Blemo). Pretty much everything the brothers put out together is crucial. This is hard to find on a 7'' og press, and is more likely to be found on a 12'' og press, which has a sick alternative cut on the flip side (unfortunately not on the 7''). Basic Replay put out a repress of the 12'', as this single isn't on Mice's original True Love LP (Intelitec) or the greatest hits compilation LP that Replay released too.

Freddie McGregor and Captain Blood - Mr. Big Man 7'' [1994 Scorcher Original Pressing]

I don't post too much 90's digi roots stuff, but this is a wicked likkle combo tune with veteran singer McGregor and young chatter Blood. The riddim is called Riot, and was originally on McGregor's solo cut called Hear My Plea (all on Scorcher label). Check out Marshall Neeko's video (HERE) that does a good job highlighting the riddim, big up!!

Lee Van Cleef - Slow Motion 12'' [198x Solid Gold Original Pressing]

Here are two different but classic Tempo 12'' releases, the first produced by Witty and the latter by King Jammy. These are great examples of how different, yet similar the riddim can sound when experimented with. The Van Cleef tune features the version, and was also released in the US on the Witty label as a 12'' too.

Junior Delgado - Run Come 12'' [1985 Crystal Original Pressing]

Another tuff tune, this one originally featured on the Ten To One LP that showcased several impressive cuts of the riddim by Tubby and Jammy. This tune was later repressed on the Jammys label by Dub Store in Japan.

Carl Meeks - Run Come People 7'' [1988 Out-Burst Original Pressing]

On the same riddim as Papa San's DJ Touch Up, which was posted on here long ago. You can do a search for it to find the link. Think I like this version better than San's personally...

Scion Sashay Success - Life Time 7'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

Nice little tune that'll have sound boys crying for a life time...
This tune doesn't appear on his self titled Jah Life LP, and it also features an odd acapella on the B side instead of a version (instrumental) like most dancehall/reggae 7'' releases.