Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Conroy Smith - Can't You See 7'' [1989 Parish Original Pressing]

Ok last of my recent uploads, here's another special song for you digikal fans out there. Many thanks for supporting as well everyone! This tune is on a crucial riddim by Edgar Whyte that sounds very reminiscent of Everton Chambers' Inexperienced Lover that I posted on here earlier. Wicked instrumental on top of superb singing (almost chanting) by Conroy as usual. Praise up Jah Jah!

Also, sorry for some of the record's photos being decreased quality than usual. Lost my camera charger, so have been having to take pics with my shitty camera phone for now!
Phantis Thriller - You Need A Friend 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

Whoa! Another big time chune! This one's by the fairly unknown deejay Phantis, over a ruff Revolution riddim that has a horn section. WTF right?! I've heard many cuts on this riddim by Harry J, but none with the horns. Def worth checking out-
Banana Man - Ooh La La La 7'' [199x Supa Jay 7'' Original Pressing]

This 7'' is so baaaaad I almost didn't wanna share it with y'all just to keep it in obscurity! Haha just kidding... but seriously, this remake of the Fugees classic is pure sound killing madness. What more can I say about this one? Seriously, do yourself a favor and download this now!

Banana Man - Killa Sound Boy 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

Probably his most well known track. While he had a string of hits in the golden age of dancehall, he pretty much disappeared of the map later on, remaining ever elusive. From what I've read, he unfortunately passed away in the early 2000's, when he fell off a wall he had been napping on at a Ocho Rios club. What a way to go!

Banana Man - Gilbert Attack Us 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

Most of Banana's biggest hits were on Tubby's Taurus label, which was a sister label to Firehouse and Waterhouse. This is another tune about the Hurricane Gilbert that hit JA in 1988.

Banana Man - Jump And Spread Out 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

Not sure why, but Banana's always been one of my favorite dancehall artists... whether it's his colorful name or comical delivery, he was guaranteed to mash down the lawn. This is part of my post dedicated to the great Banana Man, which features a great intro by the famous sound system man Fuzzy Jones, whose voice at the beginning of the tune makes it feel like you've been taken back in time to a 80's soundclash.

Lilly Melody - Jumbo/John Wayne - Me No Boops Lover 12'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Since I just posted bout Lilly, I'll post this big big 12'' too. First side features one of his first hits, which is also sometimes known by the name Jealousy (A Kill Dem), and features a classic Tubby's digital sound. The second side has a killer cut of Computer Teng riddim that is best known for it's use on a few Sunset label LP's. This instrumental even includes some crazy bird tweeting sound effects to compliment Wayne's chatting. Not sure if this specific 12'' was pressed in the UK or US even, but it has a slightly different label than the regular Firehouse releases, and was also mislabeled on the B side...

Horace Martin - Original Fire Fire 7'' [1986 Sally B Original Pressing]

I've heard many versions of these lyrics in dancehall tracks, dating back to the late 70's. If I'm not mistaken, the original is by Lloyd Robinson and dates back to the ska days of Jamaica. This digital remake by Martin is just alright in my opinion, but figured I'd still share as it's on a small independent label from the mid-80's. Not the best audio quality on this 7''... both from the pressing and the heavy wear.

Carl Meeks and Daddy Lilly - Heard About My Love 7'' [1989 Redman International Original Pressing]

I'm not sure if this a re-lick of an old tune, as it sounds somewhat familiar. Either way, it's a good one. Meeks and Lilly teamed up on a couple singer/deejay combo tracks in the late 80's, and this is one of the more stand out ones that I've heard. Tuff riddim by Hugh "Redman" James as usual. Enjoy-

Major Danger - Know How Fi Move/Romeo - Shower Me With Your Love 12'' [198x Eclipse Original Pressing]

While the B side is pretty unmemorable, the Major Danger side is gonna have any crowd yelling rewind! Super heavy thumpin bass over some nice chatting. This record could actually be from the early 90's, but regardless hits hard. Version is included on this nice tune that was also recently re-issued by Gold Shop.