Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rappa Orett - Sting Me A Sting 7'' [198x Mr. Tipsy Original Pressing]

Last post of the night, with a cutty ass digi Danger In Your Eyes riddim by even less known artist. 
May be a second before I post again. I'm getting married this weekend, and then off to Costa Rica for a week long Honey Moon. May not be in a mood to mess with babylon computers any time soon after sitting in paradise for a while. Haha... Give thanks and praise!
Pliers - Murder She Wrote 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

Early Pliers tune, when he was going by his real name, Everton Bonner. This is the original Murder She Wrote, which was later redone with Chaka and became a giant international hit. This version is just as dope if you ask me. Nice little piece of dancehall history though. Below is also the video for the remake over Bam Bam riddim. Bless!

Sammy Levi - Come Off The Road 7'' [198x Eclipse Original Pressing]

Automatic soundboy killah! Excellent tune by New York singer Sammy Levi... everything about this track, from the riddim to the vocals are so on point. The 12'' of this is highly sought after, and the 7'' was repressed by Gold Shop a few years back.

Little Twitch - My Lord / Don Hicky and Steady Ranks - Soundboy Moan And Yawn / Anthony Malvo - Guard Yu Head Back / Anthony Redrose - No Heathen 12'' [199x Star Trail Original Pressing]

This release is more like a EP than a standard 12'' single and is packed with 4 heavy hitting versions of the same tuff Tempo riddim being rode by some big dancehall names. The stand out is definitely Don Hicky's track, which is a remake of his huuuuge 1987 hit called Dancehall Rock (Harmodio label). Props to Star Trail for the interesting take of the Tempo riddim.

Saba Tooth - Hold The Faith 7'' [199x Duke Original Pressing]

Early 90's revival tune. Biim biiim!!

Peter Metro and Ashman - Road Block 7'' [198x Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

Fantastic tune with real life social commentary and wicked organ intro. The duo rap about the rioting that happened in Kingston on the 15th of January, 1985 when Prime Minister Seaga declared the new price of gasoline in Jamaica, which due to inflation, flew off the handles. There was instant chaos in the country, and out of frustration the people set up road blocks and went on strike.

Errol Minimum - One Love Me Brother 7'' [1987 Crystal D Original Pressing]

Don't know much about this tune or the artist. It's on Derrick Harriott's label, who did release some digital stuff, though he was better known for his rocksteady years. This one's a little corny, but still catchy.

Patrick Andy - Speak Your Mind 7'' [198x Waterhouse Original Pressing]

Nice likkle digi piece of Hot Milk riddim, which was made famous by Barrington Levy's Murderer tune. Patrick Andy was one of those artists that broke big near the beginning of dancehall in the early 80's, when the scene was on the brink of digital explosion. I haven't heard too many digikal releases from him...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Puddy Roots - When I Release 7'' [198x Redman International Original Pressing]

One of the best Stalag versions I've heard, and with dope label art that I haven't seen on other Redman releases. Surprisingly, this tune also features King Tubby helping out on the production, which I've never seen on other Redman releases too. This tune was also repressed last year by Dub Store in Japan. Check out the bling on Redman too... enough to make Mr T proud!

Trevor Levy - Oh What A Feeling 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Heavy bass! Killer tune! Fattis strikes again!

Super Cat - Walk A Thon 7'' [1984 Midnight Rock Original Pressing]

Only the second single that Super Cat released after his Mr Walker 12'' for Winston Riley's Techniques label. This is on Jah Thomas's label, and isn't really a digital tune. Still a part of dancehall history, as Cat went on to be one of the scene's biggest and controversial artist. Note how he was referred to as the Indian aka the Wild Apache. He got the nickname because of his East Indian heritage. Many Indians were brought to the Carribean in the 1800's to work in the cane fields, and an estimated 36,000 came to Jamaica alone.

Culture Paul - Easter Sunday Morning 7'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

Since I'm on the Jah Life topic...While back I posted the repress 12'' of this track, which has the Mini Van Man tune on the B side. But of course, original press is always better than repress  :)   Here you go. Also note that this 7'' is JLT023, and the Chuck Turner was JLT024, meaning these were cut around the same time.

Chuck Turner - Rock Me 7'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

Certain artists stuck to riddims that suited their styles well... and then went on to play those riddims out by releasing tons of material over the same or similar sounding riddim. Perfect example is Carl Meeks and the koloko riddim. Not to down these artists in the least bit, just stating the truth. Not sure if it's because they were trying to stick to the same formula to re-create a hit, or because they didn't feel confident to try something different. Chuck Turner was another of these artists, and his riddim was Heavenless. Though don't forget that he released a lot of killer tunes on other riddims as well!

Junior Cat - Anerexol Body 7'' [1987 Killamanjaro Original Pressing]

Wi like a likkle daughta who a mampie size... We don waan no anerexol girlie!

King Kong - Ninja 7'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

Three part post of Sunset's Computer Teng/Rule riddim. Riddim was featured on the Computer LP series, with 3 volumes released. I think these tunes appear in the series at some point. Big tunes!

Blinky - Loving Stylee 7'' [1985 Sunset Original Pressing]

Singer stylee in a lovers rock mood from little recorded Blinky.

Lyrical - Halla Fi Me 7'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

One of the best known versions of this riddim. Lyrical mashes dis one up inna DJ stylee.

RIP Sluggy Ranks!!

Unfortunately I don't have too much from Sluggy, but his sound truly epitomized the 80's NYC dancehall sound. A legend has passed-