Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Super Black - We Nah Go Run Down 7'' [198x Jam Rock Original Pressing]

Super Black is one of those singers that had some massive releases, but for some reason never blew up big. Some of his releases on the Jam Rock label, like these 2 examples, are classic digi scorchers. He also a string of hits for King Jammy (We Ready For Them being the only LP he cut) and King Tubby (check out the Rising Star 7''). Most of his stuff, besides the more widely distributed singles on Jammys, go for a lot now a days, as many a digi head has picked up on his body of work. This release here is one of his biggest tunes from his hey-day, and this is an immaculate copy of the og press. Enjoy!

Super Black - S.O.S. 7'' [198x Jam Rock Original Pressing]

This tune is not as well known as the one above, but is just as crucial. Black croons about needing to be saved from his love problems as desperately as someone on a sinking ship! Biiiiiiim...

Conrad Crystal - Hackle Them 7'' [198x Jhuggenaut Original Pressing]

Killer tune on the same riddim as the more well known Michael Palmer song Juggling. This one's just as tuff but harder to track down as an og press. Not sure where they came up with their spelling of the word juggernaut though haha.

Mackie Ranks - Prestige Punanny 7'' [1991 Outernational Original Pressing]

Nice 90's update to the Stalag riddim. Intro makes you think it's going to be a Billy Jean cut, but by the time the bassline kicks in it's obviously not. Overall unimpressive effort by unknown deejay, but the riddim is worth the download alone.

Hugh Griffiths - Mizerable Woman 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Computer echo version of Heavenless riddim with a similar sound to Horace Ferguson's Great Stone (also on Ujama). This is actually a remake of Griffith's original tune on the Hitbound label (1983) of the same name. Super basic but heavy instrumental here, best played with your sub on high!

Dixie Peach - Hold On To Your Man / Tonight Is The Night 12'' [1987 Y&D Original Pressing]
To make up for my sillier posts, here's a nice crucial little piece of UK murderation by Jah Tubby. Instantly recognizable riddim styles and on point singing... can't get better than this! JT, not to be confused with Jamaica's King Tubby, had a stable of young singers and deejays to rip up the unique digi sound coming from England in the 80's, and Dixie Peach was one of the best. Side AA is obviously the hit here, though Hold On is also a sweet piece of love a dub. Not sure why, but it seemed to be a common gimmick in dancehall circles to put a cheesier tune on the first side of a 12'' release, only to save the banger for last. Both tunes have the versions included here fyi.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Horace Andy - Light My Fire 7'' [1993 56 Hope Road Original Pressing]

This release comes courtesy of the Skylarker himself (self produced) in his best effort to cash in on a 80's pop sound that is a few years too late. This almost isn't reggae/dancehall, and while I do like the initial build up here... by the time it gets to the break though, it sounds like a Paula Abdul song! Some roots artists just never transitioned well to the digital era, and you can see why Andy was one of them. For the most part I try to post pure vibes on here, but occasionally will throw up something random like this for historical (and comedic) reference.

Papa San, Bingie General, and Anthony Redrose - A Lie Them A Tell 7'' [1989 Celebrity Crew Original Pressing]

Truly a bizarre but tuff tune here!  The trio teams up here to do a mash up of Gun Inna Baggy meets Rumors riddim, with some crazy female backup singing to boot. Vinyl's a little beat up, but the sound shines through on this strange cut.

Hubert Francis - Rewind 7'' [198x King David Original Pressing]

Nice likkle piece of generic digi rub a dub on independent label.