Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Greetings to all massive by the way, long time fi see dis blog, I-man will try to improve upon that!

Echo Minott - Pickney Fe Mine 7'' [1986 Skengdon Original Pressing]

Heartical rootsy single here by controversial singer Echo. Also appears as last track on his Familiar Face LP.

Richie Stevens - Ruff All Around 7'' [1990 Jamaazima Original Pressing]

Blistering chune over the None Shall Escape Judgement riddim (Johnny Clarke, 1975) inna digi style. Sound boys shall not escape this clash!

Judah Eskender Tafari - Live By The Gun 12'' [1994 Gussie P Original Pressing]

Deadly 12'' release by roots singer Tafari! Originally released on 12'', and repressed by Gussie as a 7'' later on. This is on Gussie's own label, which he started in the 90's (as well as Sip A Cup label) after producing for Fashion in the UK during the 80's. Two different mixes are on this release, with the dub on backside (I didn't include it here)... think I prefer the second mix personally.

Michael Palmer - Ready She No Ready 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

Whitfield Henry started his US-based Witty label by releasing Jamaican tunes produced by Lloyd "King Jammy" James (and others) as 12'' records in the States. He quickly began producing his own material as well, from which he garnished his fame. Here's an example of an older release, the hot single off of Palmer's I'm So Attractive LP (Jammys, 1985). Mixed as disco style.

Robert Lee - Sound Boy 7'' [199x Record Factory Original Pressing]

Certain artists had favorite riddims that they often rode, establishing a certain type of sound and style for themselves. Lee obviously had a thing for the Tempo riddim, which might be why I'm a big fan of his... though his sound killing lyrics and smooth voice also help! Several different cuts of him singing over this riddim can be found on various LP's and a few as singles too.

Leroy Smart - Aim High 7'' [199x Record Factory Original Pressing]

Another Tempo cut on this label, though crappy mixing/recording leaves this 7'' feeling a bit disappointing... very similar to the following release too.

Leroy Smart - Render Your Heart 7'' [199x Unity And Love Original Pressing]

Notice any similarities?

Gregory Isaacs - Only You 12'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

If you've been following this blog, you'll know by now that I love me some crucial G Isaacs digi tunes. He has quite an underrated digital dancehall catalog, with some obscure and deadly material. This one's not that rare, but still nice likkle Dancehall Bubbler riddim take. Riddims included in a 12'' disco style here (meaning mixed without a pause between vocal and version).

Little John - Do It To Me 7'' [1986 Jammys Original Pressing]

Ruff cut of Screechie Across The Border riddim straight from the golden years of Jamaican dancehall. This appears also as a Youth Vibration 12'' and Dub Store repress 7''.