Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well Happy Holidays to all of you dancehall fans out there. I hope that this time of the year finds you all healthy and well. It's a lot of fun sharing with this online community of digi heads, and I look forward to posting more great tunes for your pleasure. This time around I've posted some pretty big tunes, hope you enjoy them! I guess we should all at the very least be glad that the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012 wasn't true, and that we will all live to see another year of positive vibes here on earth. Check out the following songs I've posted up, as well as these two modern dancehall tunes that have been very inspirational to me lately!

Cornell Campbell - Mr. Cop 7'' [198x Jackpot Original Pressing]

Two part post on the digikal Rumours riddim by Bunny "Striker" Lee that features two old time roots artists. Interesting sound here, as both artists retain their original styles to ride a digi riddim, yet it sounds right at home here. Both are crucial tunes though, and were released together on a 12'' on Lee's Justice label out of the US.

Delroy Wilson - Ease Up 7'' [198x Jackpot Original Pressing]

One of only a few digi 7'' ever released by Wilson, who by the time this was released was becoming an old man, having released his first records waaaay back in 1961!!

Conroy Smith - Madonna 7'' [1989 MacKnight Original Pressing]

Much deadlier than the cut of this song on the Jammy label! The only release I've seen on Conroy's label, which features his photo(?) prominently on the label art. A serious digi scorcher here though, do not be fooled.

Courtney Melody - Cook Food 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Another massive track for you guys as part of my Holiday Special Post. Just ridiculous production by Jazzbo, and excellent singing by Melody. This 7'' was repressed by Deadly Dragon, and features a rare riddim that was released on only a couple other tunes (Manchez - Remember Jah, and a Johnny Clarke tune, whose name escapes me now).

Prince Orett - Ghetto Youth 7'' [1989 Romantic Original Pressing]

Holy shit this is a hot tune! Rare 7'' by unknown artist (Prince Orett = Rappa Orett?). Seriously tuff prodo by Little John, who had some seriously under rated releases on his Romantic label. Also digging the raggamuffin lyrics. Big up di youthman!

Everton Chambers - Hold Yu Corner 7'' [1987 Parish Original Pressing]

Big big tune from Mr Chambers! He had a string of massive hits in the magical year of 1987 on the Parish label, including this one. Have seen many phony  represses of this, with the title written in pen, trying to pass of as og copies... beware collectors! Also been looking for Everton's 7'' called Saddest Day on the Heavenless riddim, please get at me if you have one for sale/trade. Wayne Wonder also covered that tune, and did a surprisingly good job.

Little Pinchie - So In Love 7'' [1989 Foreigner Original Pressing]

Not sure what tune this Pinchers knock off is trying to cover, as it sounds nothing like the Cole Porter classic by the same name that has been covered countless times. Jamaica's music scene is home to many unique occurrences, including the phenomenon of guys shamelessly stealing more famous artists styles and names, and somehow getting away with it (examples: Junior Saw, Black Mice, Jr Demus, Little Meekie...). With the scene being so heavily based on what's trending at the time, it should be of no surprise that this has happened. As they say, imitations if the best form of flattery!

Super Morris - Ruling Sounds 7'' [1989 Redman International Original Pressing]

Loving the sweet sing jay voice of Morris on this sound killah!

Terror Fabulous - Gun Fool 7'' [1994 John John Original Pressing]

Figured I'd follow up one Peenie Peenie riddim with an other... Nice variation on both productions, yet that same unmistakeable bassline remains. Fabulous kills this one, with a positive anti-firearms message that couldn't be any more relevant now a days. RIP all the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. As someone who works at an elementary school, this latest violent incident really hit home.
Donovan Champion and Culture T - Deestant Way 7'' [198x Jungle Royalty Original Pressing]

Don't know much about this Peenie Peenie cut other than that it's ruff ruff ruffffff!
Jungle Royalty label did not release much material, but everything I've heard from them is pretty crucial. Big fan of independent labels like that, with limited but tuff catalog. Quality > Quantity...

Nitty Gritty - Trials And Crosses 7'' [198x Powerhouse Original Pressing]

Slick rub a dub release that for some reason never made it onto any of Nitty's LP's. Tune is definitely digital but features some nice non-digi percussion as well. You may know this tune from the Shottas soundtrack.

Tony Rebel, Garnet Silk, and Half Pint - Jah Love Inna We 7'' [1993 Sky High Original Pressing]

Tuff digi trio tune inna revival/dancehall style. Song is featured on a Sky High LP of the same name, I believe, as well as a 12'' mix that is supposedly different than this one, but I have yet to hear.

White Mice - I Don't Know / Big Youth - New York City 12'' [1987 Intelitec Original Pressing]

Old meets young... Nice double sided 12'' featuring newcomer Mice and veteran Big Youf (who sounds kinda drunk on this one lol) riding the same riddim. Mice's side includes the version.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bitter Roots - Buffalo Soldier Talk 7'' [199x Pyramid Original Pressing]

Last post for the night, another 90's digi roots tune, this time from the group Bitter Roots. Haven't heard much from these guys, but most of their releases are pretty tuff! Song talks about needing to hear some inspirational positivity once in a while, as it's as rough abroad as it is ah yard.

Yami Bolo and Dennis Brown - Bust Off Head 7'' [199x Yam Euphony Original Pressing]

There's yet to be a Yam Euphony release from the early 90's that's disappointed me. This is one that you don't see too often, with Yami pairing up with Brown, and also with a red label, instead of the usual yellow. Crucial tune for sure though, classic 90's digi roots sound + Nyahbinghi drumming that Yami helped pioneer. Tiny skip right at beginning of record fyi.

Red Dragon - Ease Off 7'' [1987 Redman International Original Pressing]

Same riddim as Admiral Tibbet's New Tactics. 
Dis the new kind ah talk...

Cornell Campbell - Nothing Don't Come Easy / Super Black - Bad Boys 12'' [198x Live And Love Original Pressing]

Ruff cut of Tempo rode by the Don Gorgon, who had a minor amount of digikal releases. Jammy really outdoes himself with this brilliant instrumental as well. Live And Love was King Jammy's US distribution label, and released solely 12'' presses, as far as I know.

Leroy Smart - Let 'Em Off Sup'm / Junior Murvin - Jack Slick 12'' [198x Live And Love Original Pressing]

On this 12'', we have the AA Side being the big hitter, with Murvin's crazy falsetto singing and another crazy production by Jammy. I included the version on that tune, as the instrumental will put you in a ganja fueled trance (at least that's what it did to me!). Like Campbell, this is one of the few digi tunes that Murvin cut, as most of his musical career took place pre-1985. The A Side features the same riddim as the Super Black tune above, and is rather generic.

Steve Knight - Too Much A Dem One Time 7'' [198x Ridim Force Original Pressing]

Oh man this guy can ride the riddim quick style. Crazy digi with classic 80's electric guitar riffs a la Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (if you haven't seen it btw, do yourself a huuuge favor). Anyway, serious uptempo cut by the seriously underrated Knight.

Michael Fabulous - Run Sound Out Of Business 7'' [1990 Kennedy International Original Pressing]

More sound boy tunes for your pleasure... this one being a DJ cut over Mud Up riddim.
Not a huge fan of this riddim, but Fabulous makes it a good tune regardless. Big up!

Eke Robbie - Bad Bull 7'' [1991 Corporal Mantana Outernational Original Pressing]

Nice 90's cut of Punany riddim by unknown DJ and even stranger named label.
Bad bull inna pen... sound boy problem... dibbi dj gon heng.