Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don Angelo and Danny Dread - Mampe Size/Wayne Wonder - Never Gonna Give You Up 12'' [198x Waterhouse Original Pressing]

Side A pairs the Don and the Dread in an adventure about fucking fat chicks they've met at the dancehall. Haha, probably had their beer goggles on. Side B has Mr. Bashment covering Rick Astley's 1987 hit.... which has now become the Rickrolled internet phenomenon. Weird. These two are Tubby produced with versions included for your listening pleasure.

Side A

Side B

General Trees and Sligo - Treat You Woman Nice 7'' [198x Mixing Lab Original Pressing]

Kind of a strange track but still catchy. Trees rips it as usual, while Sligo croons in the background. Any info on this Sligo guy? Related to Sluggy? Roy Francis on the beat-

Get It Here
Bingie - Come Rush Me Nuh 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

Anybody know if this is Binghi General or someone else? Anyways, on the same riddim as Joe Mannix's Bad Mamma Gamma chune! Harry Johnson produced obviously.

Michael Rose - Can't Be Like Me 7'' [1987 Jammys Original Pressing]

One of the few singles released by the ex Black Uhuru frontman during the mid 80's... by the early 90's though he was back cutting LP's. Good stuff-

Hammermouth - Police and Badman 7'' [199x 30 Headley Ave. Original Pressing]

Rudeboy Hammer putting it down! Fuck corrupt cops!

Die Pig
Frankie Paul - No Sizzling 7'' [1986 Skengdon Original Pressing]

Ever had your weed sizzle cause it wasn't flushed or dried properly? Well this isn't the kind of sizzling that FP is talking about. Puff your herb straight and ital, and don't try to compensate with drugs. No chewies, nade, sherms, etc....

Johnny Walker - Joe Grind 7'' [1988 Black Scorpio Original Pressing]

DJ Whiskey!

Drink Up
Junior Reid - For Better Or Worst 7'' [199x Tappa Original Pressing]

More waterhouse style roots.... Again could be more contemporary than mid/late 90's. Not really sure but still pretty crucial.

One Blood

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks, and Rebel Princess - Be Good To Me 7'' [1988 Music Works Original Pressing]

Sweet trio combination with another killer riddim by Gussie P.

Black Mice and Angel Doolas - Digging a Grave 7'' [1994 Kingston 11 Original Pressing]

Far East riddim performed by White Mice imitator and some other guy chatting over it.
Relatively unknown guys describe some soundboy killing.... not a bad effort really.

King Kong - Step On My Corn 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Interesting take on the very played out Stalag riddim....

Maiz y Elote
Frankie Paul - Agony 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

FP's version of Pinchers classic tune with a nice riddim redone by the Rastaman Jazzbo!
Instrumental slightly reminscent of Early B's Imitator tune.
Pure gold.....


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dennis Brown with Brian & Tony Gold - Poison 7'' [199x Two Friends Original Pressing]

An excellent cover of Bell Biv DeVoe's 1990 tune. I like the dancehall version way better!
Def check out the original though.... not a bad track. Music video below. Fucking funny!

Catch It Here

Chris Wayne - Fan Mi Pretty Gal 7'' [198x Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

Nice digi production from one Lincoln Minott! RIP Sugar....
With Wayne talking about how to properly take care of your woman.

Listen Here Youthman
Charlie Chaplin - Gimmie Charlie 7'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Featuring the squeeky voice effect! Similar to Lieutenant Stitchie's Story Time track as reference. What more can I say, again the master Fattis Burrell on the classic Vena label production. Also check out Come Back Charlie for a Chaplin track referring to himself in the third person.... over the Come Back Darling riddim by Johnny Osbourne and the Sensations!

Check It Out
Sugar Minott - Rub a Dub In Sweet 7'' [198x Rockers Master International Original Pressing]

RIP!! Digi skank!!

Tippa Lee and Rappa Robert - Wasn't It You 7'' [1989 Kirk & Tipps Production Original Pressing]

Big, big chune! Come down selectah! Produced in the States, the dynamic duo rips up the mic. Peep Tipps getup in the flick as well. Classic 80's! See music video also....


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar Ray - Nobody Business 7'' [1989 Don Ruben Original Pressing]

Ray KO'ing the competition one track at a time.
Cool label art too-

Here Maing
San Francisco Giants Win World Series!!!!

Vamos Gigantes de San Francisco!!!!

Cutty Ranks - Stick It Up 7'' [1990 Mr. Doo Original Pressing]

Gun talk boyeee!! Probably Cutty's favorite topic besides slackness....

Cuetes y Balas
Leroy Smart - Good Kind Of Loving 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

"Digikal Tubby For Lovers 101" now in session.
Get your headphones out class....

Culture Paul - Mini Van Man/Easter Sunday Morning 12'' [1987 Music House Repress]

I really wish this kid had cut more songs.... Every track I've heard from him is super crucial.
Veteran style singing from the youthman. Any info on dude? Check out "Brutalize a Sound Boy" over Jammy's Slim Belly Man riddim as well for more Paul murderation. Versions inlcuded here.

Side A
Side B