Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Andrew Wright - Sign Your Name 7'' [198x Central Zone Original Pressing]

I got a two part post here for you guys featuring two killer cuts of the same riddim on a small independent label from the UK again. The first (and in my opinion better) tune is by the unknown singer Wright, while the second is by popular chatter Johnny P. Wright's track is also a much better remake of the shitty 80's hit by Terence Trent D'arby. Anyway, both 7'' are hard to find. Enjoy!

Johnny P - Sissy 7'' [198x Central Zone Original Pressing]

Don't care too much for the homophobic lyrics on this one though...

Mikey General - I Say No / Rose Anne 12'' [1985 MGR Original Pressing]

Super dooty ruff computer rock! One of many tuff UK releases by General in the 80's. While many people assume he's Brittish, he actually moved there to jump start his career when he linked with Gussie P, consequentially releasing most of his hits out of the UK. This 12'' is a must have for any serious selector! Versions included again-

Hopeton Lindo - Gang War 7'' [1988 Digital B Original Pressing]

An early release from Bobby Digital's label, which went on to have many hits in the 90's mainly. Crucial track though, as Lindo rips it with his singing about the perils of getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, whether yard or abroad.

Steve Knight - Rodeo / Midnight Riders - Illegal Gun 12'' [198x Thunder Bolt Original Pressing]

Another big 12'' release! From the sound, I'm guessing this came out around 1984, as it's got that not quite 100% digital feel. You hear a lot of that with tunes around '83/'84, which was kind of a transition period for dancehall before the full blown digikal craze. Either way, both sides get massacred... versions included as well.

Frankie Paul and Sanchez - Come Down Jesus 7'' [198x Palmer Bros Original Pressing]

Oh man this is a ruff cut of the Drifter riddim! The 80's saw a step back in the Rastafarian movement (that was big in Jamaica in the 70's), as Christian sects, that have been popular on the island for hundreds of years, had sort of a resurgence. At the same time, you had so many takes on Rasta practices, that you had some groups using Jesus and Jah interchangeably. The great producer Yabby You was just one of many artists that was controversial for professing these views. So while this tune does speak of Jesus, I imagine they are referring to Jah just as much, as I've heard both Paul and Sanchez mention HIM in other tracks. As an added bonus, this 7'' has an acapella version on the B side too...

Mikey Jarrett and Princess Goldie - Downtown 12'' [1988 Gyasi Original Pressing]

Crazy remake of Petula Clark's 1965 classic single. The original is pretty solid, but this version gives it a run for its money. A lot of remakes of oldie tunes, which was really common in dancehall, end up just sounding cheesy or sappy. But Jarrett and Goldie do a good job with this one, especially with their vocal styles trading off. Also big ups to Gyasi Addae on the production!

Terror Fabulous - Woman Yu Wanted 7'' [1993 Shocking Vibes Original Pressing]

Don't know the name of this riddim, but this is a great early 90's tune. The beginning of the song kinda sounds like Bad Boys by Inner Circle, made infamous as the intro to the early reality tv show, COPS. Terror fi lick dem dead!