Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scion Sashay Success - Gun Shot Dance 12'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

Speaking about the dangers of the dancehall when rude boy's decide to lick shots and the police return fire! No version included. Be safe in ah di dance mi bredren....

Duck and Head Out!

Horace Ferguson - Senci Addick 7'' [1984 Ujama Original Pressing]

From what I've heard, Ferguson's Sensi Addict LP has been credited as the first fully digital album to come out of Jamaica. Here we have a rare instrumental (non digi) cut of the title track that is different from the album version. Personally I like the digikal one better, but this is still an interesting bit of history to listen to. Anyone have more info? Much appreciated-

Sensimilla Burn
Hopeton Lewis - Irie Reggae Feeling 7'' [1985 Bay City Original Pressing]

Guaranteed to make you wanna dance!
About as irie as you can get....
Peep homie's baritone murmuring in the chorus-
Festival music for sure!

Baile Baile
Barrington Levy - Love The Life You Live 7'' [198x Time 1 Original Pressing]

Jah Screw produced again with a nice turntable scratching sample in the beat.
Just try to live it big.... True words from Barrington.

Go Big
John Wayne - Me No Response 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Fatman and Peego produced.
Too hot fa' mi!!
Big shouts to the one called Everton [Chambers]....

Josey Wales - Right Move 7'' [1988 Rambo Original Pressing]

Cut in '87, released the following year. Guide and protect the youth Jah Jah!
Nice label art too-

Right Here
Uuuuu - Ribe!!

Topple Texas!!

Blogs been a little slow again... just got back from business conference in Florida.
Check back for big updates-

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Richie Davis - How I Feel For You/Posse Are You Ready? 12'' [1988 High Power Original Pressing]

Mr. Nicotine from the UK backed by Ring Craft Posse.
Both tracks with version included.
Big ups all the posse worldwide!!

Side A
Side B
Cocoa Tea - Got To Be Good 7'' [1985 Harry J Original Pressing]

Mr. Tea letting you know why you should listen to your mama over the Ali Baba riddim.

Aqui Cabrones
Sanchez and Cutty Ranks - Woman Ah Mi Lover 12'' [198x Charm Original Pressing]

Fabulous combo here with Sanchez smooth voice backed perfectly by Cutty's ruff vocals inna lovers styleee! One of my favorite romantic dancehall tracks for sure-


Robert French - A Little More Time 7'' [1989 Music Works Original Pressing]

Upbeat, catchy, and slightly commercial sound that Gussie Clarke was sometimes known for.

Barrington Levy - Don't Run Away 7'' [1999 Time 1 Original Pressing]

Suprised this tune is from late 90's.... has a very classic waterhouse style flavor to it.
Heavy chune on Jah Screw's label!!

Here It Comes

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dennis Brown - Come Home With Me 7'' [198x People Original Pressing]

More lovers rock with a crucial riddim. I'm digging the label art too.
Brown towards the end of his career still holding it down-

Get It Here
Daddy Blue - Drugs 7'' [198x Stereo One Original Pressing]

Drugs money it a kill them!
Everywhere you go is drugs drugs drugs....

Mr. Blue dropping some knowledge about the coke epidemic of the 80's.

Papa San - Bad Boy (Toney) 7'' [1988 Ujama Original Pressing]

This was a big big rudeboy tune when it came out! Over 20 years later it's still a killer in the dance with Puppa San's crazy fast chatting skills. I think I seen the 12'' of this on Deadly Dragon for $80!

Hurry Here
Scotty and Chaka Demus - Tonight 7'' [198x Fameous Original Pressing]

Perfect combo with Scotty's singing backed by Chaka's chatting over a catchy instrumental. Lovers rock at its finest-

Michael Buckley - My Love Can't Wait 7'' [1988 Supreme Original Pressing]

Buckley is one of those guys that didn't release much material, but most of what I've heard is pretty solid stuff. Too bad he didn't record more. Props to Derrick Barnett on the tuff riddim too.

Check It Out
Scorpion - Ride and Go 7'' [198x Park Heights Original Pressing]

Every posse come follow me! Another NYC release from another cutty deejay....
Delroy Francis produced of course.

Cassette and Tape - We Kill Sounds/Scion Sashay Success - It Is Hot 7'' [199x San Salvage Original Pressing]

What can I say about this one? Straight fire! Rare double sided tune 45 on an obscure US label. Don't know anything about Cassette and Tape (single artist or duo?) but both tracks get ripped over the same riddim! I like the random height/eye color description on the label art as well... damn near like an ID. Weird-

Side A

Side B

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Courtney Melody and Robbie Cat - Dancehall Thriller 7'' [199x Soney Fudgie Original Pressing]

Real murderah!

Wally Ritchie - Don't Run Come Call Me 7'' [1988 Magic Star Original Pressing]

Don't know much about this guy but I'm guessing this is his label as he's pretty much the only artist I've seen release stuff on it. Good shit-

Michael Prophet - Cease Fire 7'' [1984 Live and Learn Original Pressing]

Single from the album titled the same. Feel free to share, if you have it... I don't.
Put down di gun youth!

Get It Here
Chris Wayne - Boy A Boy 7'' [198x Jackpot Original Pressing]

Another one of my favorite under-rated artists of the digi era throwing down!!

Oh Boy
Junior Reid - Youthman 7'' [198x Sunset Original Pressing]

This is the original cut of the track... as much as I like this one, I think I like the JR Productions remix he did in 1993 better. If anyone has a copy of that 7'' for sale please get at me. I think it's on Deadly Dragon but I'm not trying to spend $50....


For those that haven't heard the remix, here it is (I didn't rip this).

JR 1993 Here
Jah Screw - Boom Shock Attack 7'' [1985 10 Roosevelt Ave. Original Pressing]

Computer teng riddim assault madness!

Johnny Osbourne - Pomp and Pride 7'' [1987 Parish Original Pressing]

Hard hard tune from the one and only Mr. Osbourne! Of the old school roots singers, he was one of the best to adapt to the new digikal style.... proof right here-

Mash It Up
Pliers - Conquer Me 7'' [198x Steppa Original Pressing]

Nice remake cut of Chuck Turner's classic!

Super Cat - Sid Down Pon It/Glory Glory 12'' [1987 Powerhouse Original Pressing]

As promised, here is a rare 12'' set by the Wild Apachie on Mr. Phang's label.

Side A
Side B
Beenie Man - Over Yuh Body 7'' [1993 Ghetto Youth United Original Pressing]

Young Beenie.

Linval Thompson - Mercy Mercy 7'' [1987 Taxi Original Pressing]

One of Linval's best digi tunes in my opinion! Great riddim by Sly and Robbie again-