Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleepy Wonder and Jango Thriller - Fade Away/Sleepy Wonder - Nah Nuh Body 12'' [198x Park Heights Original Pressing]

Digikal version of Junior Byles's classic song... Crucial US dancehall!!

Side 1

Side 2
Blinky - Rub A Draw 7'' [1985 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Another pro ganja/anti cocaine tune. Only way to go baby-
Part one of 10 Roosevelt Ave label post!



Tiger - Sitting In Lala 7'' [1986 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Crazy cover of Lee Dorsey's 196o's hit Ya Ya. Would you expect anything less from Tiger?



Echo Minott - Uncle Sam Country 7'' [1985 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Dem foreign minded!
Unfortunately this record's a bit noisy from all the wear...
Not a suprise cuz the track is tuff!

On The DL... Shhh
Dennis Brown - I'll Get On Without You/Africa We Want To Go 12'' [198x Striker Lee Original Pressing]

First side is Sleng Teng, which sounds kinda weird with Brown singing
over it. But the B side hits hard with a digital version of Africa (We
Wanna Go) riddim that was originally cut by Studio 1 back in the 70's
roots era. Both tracks include versions....

Side A

Side B
Junior Reid - Youthman "Remix" 7'' [1992 JR Original Pressing]

Haha got my hands on this finally! Rude chune!
Like this digital riddim much more than original (which can also be found on this blog)

Be Cool Youf

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yami Bolo and Mr. Pants - Rema And Jungle 12'' [1993 Buffalo Original Pressing]

Love this track. Almost sounds like Tempo riddim at times (my favorite
riddim hands down). For those that don't know, both Rema and Jungle are
two of the poorest and most violent ghettoes of Kingston, and
traditionally political enemies of each other. As Yami says... What we
need is Unity!

Barrio Funk
Mikey Melody - Jambo We Jambo 7'' [198x Black Scorpio Original Pressing]

Massive selection.... rewind!

Not Jumbo...
Conroy Smith - Poor People A Suffer 7'' [198x Jah Life Time Original Pressing]

Nice chune by the Conroy. Says it's a cover, but I don't know who does
the original. I love how he's able to hold a note for so long when
singing though. He'd make a great Spanish soccer announcer...

Reverend Badoo, Nicodemus, and Roman Stewart - Alien 12'' [1990 Shelly's Original Pressing]

Wow I can't beleive this tune is from '90... sounds so modern and ahead
of its time. Very bad ass rootsy dancehall tune. As the son of an
immigrant, I hate the term alien. My mother finally got her American
citizenship so she could vote. Luckily I have retained a dual
citizenship for the US and Mexico... just in case a mandatory draft
ever gets implemented I'm hightailing for the border!

Frankie Paul and Joe Lick Shot - Dance Caan Nice Wid Out Wi 7'' [1987 Ottey's Original Pressing]

Haha so true....


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tenor Saw - Victory Train 12'' [198x Victory Original Pressing]

Ridiculously crucial tune produced by Ibo Cooper and Freddie
McGregor. This is the real deal... not the rerelease that Honest
John's/Dugout put together. Wicked version trails at the end to round out song.

"This trains a holy train, moving in the lord name..."

Ridin' To Zion
Ed Robinson - Ramp And Skin 7'' [1991 Shocking Vibes Original Pressing]

Serious sound slaughtering business on Tempo riddim.

Brigadier Jerry - Hard Drugs/Tour The World 12'' [1988 Pioneer Muzik Original Pressing]

Two sensimilla tunes by the 12 Tribes Of Israel DJay....
As requested by DJ Chimby. Big Up as well!

Side A

Side AA
Black China - Composition 7'' [198x Rockers Master International Original Pressing]

Rare version by unheard of DJ over RMI's classic Kuff riddim!

Josey Wales and Little John - Dance And Studio 12'' [198x Powerhouse Original Pressing]

Same killer First Cut [Is The Deepest] riddim as Pinchers "Don't
Distress" and Super Cat's "Sid Down Pon It." Version included. As
requested by Masa Ranks... Big Up!

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