Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thriller U - Master Blaster 7'' [1989 Super Dee Original Pressing]

Boom box sound slaying chunerino!!

King Me
Sugar Minott - Lick Shot 12'' [199x Brand X Original Pressing]

Version included on this song on the dangers of gun man culture.
Obscure US(?) label... and produced by Ossie Hibbert. I'm digging the
horn section in the dub-

Brap Brap
Everton Chambers - La La La 7'' [1988 Parish Original Pressing]

Nice remake of oldies classic by the Delfonics... Everton's a beast even when singing love songs!

Pad Anthony - Woman Woman 7'' [1990 Tesfa Original Pressing]

Can't live with them, can't live without haha....

Pinchers - Gummy Gummy 7'' [1987 Vena Original Pressing]

Niceness for his girl Michelle! Gummy and sweet... please don't go!

Hopeton James - Tears 7'' [1987 Upsetter Original Pressing]

Cut to the same riddim as King Kong's Time Is The Master track, also on the Upsetter label.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Carlton Livingston - Wicked Run Away 7'' [198x Jah Life Time Original Pressing]

Crucial remake of Glenroy Richard's 1979 roots single produced by the
great Glen Brown. Carlton massacres this one, also with excellent
production by Hyman Wright and Percy Chin!

Babylon Retreat!
Wayne Smith - Miss Do It Sweet 7'' [1985 Kingston 11 Original Pressing]

Early tune by the man credited with kicking off the digi revolution.
Interesting to see that the Kingston 11 label was around in '85, as
most of their releases I've seen have been early to mid 90's. It
appears that Tubby (on the production) might have started the label
with assitance from Harry J (Sunset logo), and then later Jammys picked
it up years later. Anyone got some info on this bit of history or can
confirm my suspicions?

Sugar Minott - Loving You 7'' [1985 ET Original Pressing]

Hardcore digikal Danger In Your Eyes riddim! Very badass chune here....

ET Phone Home
Shorty Ranking - Long Time The Youth A Bawl 7'' [1988 Upsetter Junior Original Pressing]

No info here... Anyone know if there's any relation between this label and Lee Scratch Perry?

Ghetto Youth
Daddy Lizard - Stem 7'' [1989 Redman International Original Pressing]

Koloko riddim... this one's not on the Rough, Mean, Irie LP that featured the same riddim.

Daddy Long Tail
Panhead - Proud 7'' [1993 Kingston 11 Original Pressing]

Another Sleng Teng by the late and great Panhead. This guy had tons of
potential but had his career/life cut short by the violent streets of
Jamdown. Also love his Gun Man Tune track.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Lieutenant Stitchie - Story Time 7'' [1987 Stereo One Original Pressing]

Screechy Across the Border riddim in a squeeky style... Massive!

Yagga Yo
Yellowman- Rambo 7'' [1986 Taxi Original Pressing]

Kinda Sleng Tengish sound... complete with helicopter and machine gun
noises! Mr. Yellow gives praise to the awesome 80's Sylvester Stallone
series. He cutta boy thoat!

Don't know why some of my posts format
are getting all screwed up... def not on purpose! Even though I try to
edit the format it keeps reverting to the weird version. Oh well sorry
Mikey Melody and Candyman - Bull Back 7'' [1989 Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Another classic sound killa combo track. Melody and Candy compliment
each other perfect on this one... My sound is in the center, and your
sound is in the corner!!

Run Ya Sound!
King Everald - Automatic 7'' [198x Waterhouse Original Pressing]

Another one of my all time favorite sound killing chunes! Tubby's mid
80's digital production is ridiculous. It would have been interesting
to see what else he would have put out had he not been murdered in
1989. Big ups the one called Everald also!

Gun Mouth