Bless Up

Bless Up

Monday, May 30, 2011

Daddy Freddy - My Granny 7'' [198x Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

Part 3 of my Youth Promotion posts... one of my favorite labels of all
time. Created by Sugar Minott as a coop for fostering up and coming
ghetto youth, YP and Sugar can be credited for discovering some of the
biggest talents to come out of the 80's. This was probably the only
label at the time that could claim it was "for the artists, by the
artists." Gotta believe in the youth....

Also if you haven't seen it, check out this old clip from a BBC show
featuring Daddy Freddy breaking the records for fastest rap. Peep white
dude dancing LOL!

Thriller U - Hide And Peep 7'' [198x Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

This one go out to all the shy girls in the dance giving the guys good
eye contact but then dissapearing in the crowd. You fellows feel me?!

Blacka T - Well Trash 7'' [1987 Youth Promotion Original Pressing]

Everyone trash and ready for the dance session! Ladies looking sexy and the possey's dressed sharp....

3 Piece Suit and Clarkes Booty
Leroy Gibbons - Hold It Down 12'' [198x Two Friends Original Pressing]

Rare tune by another unde-rated singer... tuffness! Gibbons style for
some reason reminds me a lot of one of my other favorite artists,
Derrick Parker. Picked this gem up still sealed after 20 years! Version
is included....

Chuck Turner - No Love 7'' [1987 Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Turner singing his heart out on a crucial Heavenless riddim for lonely lovers-

Spanner Banner - Life Goes On 7'' [198x Techniques Original Pressing]

One of my favorite Things and Time riddim version, Spanner's sweet
voice is deadly on this one. Not suprising being that this guy's
brothers just happen to be Pliers and Richie Spice!
Chune guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

Joe Mannix - Walk And Look Back 7'' [1988 Parish Original Pressing]

Charles Bronson, Rambo, and Eddie Murphy have what in common?
They are all watched by Mr. Mannix!
Duck dance riddim as request by General K....

Hopeton James - Going To The Cemetery 7'' [2007 Rockers Master International Original Pressing]

This blog is mainly for 80's/90's dancehall tunes strictly... but I had
to share this one because it has such a classic style and is a straight
soundboy killah version of Going To The Chapel! Requested by my ninja Yuma... big up Humboldt massive! Rewind Rewind-


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pad Anthony - Mi No In A It 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

Tubby original Hill and Gully riddim... madness!

Ey Yo
Junie Ranks - Gie Me The Buddy 7'' [198x Techniques Original Pressing]

Serious response to Admiral Bailey's Punany track....
Junie could def hang with the big boys.
Kill me wit it!

Ooh Wee
Tanto Metro - Flat Belly Man 7'' [1987 Redman International Original Pressing]

Hard to beleive that this is the same dude that would later go on to
form the horrible duet with Devonte. Pure dancehall vibes here-

Fat Belly Men Over Here.... We Eatin'
Brigadier Jerry - One Dance Story 7'' [1986 Supreme Original Pressing]

Hillarious song about a single innocent dance turning into a life of
misery stuck with a spoiled woman. Tune was massive when it first came out...

Cocoa Tea - Reality 7'' [1988 Rambo Original Pressing]

Also released on a 12'' on the Witty label... though I prefer this label art for sure!
Records a little beat up, so not the best quality here sorry-

Lyrical - Punanie Expert 7'' [198x Kesta Original Pressing]

Very kind of Lyrical to make this tune in my honor!

Conroy Smith - Bush Lady 7'' [1988 Dennis Star Original Pressing]

She give me a drink of her meeeeeeeedicine!
Rub her hands all ova my body...
Give me health, strength, and energy!

Closest thing you'll get to this in Frisco is a happy finish at an
oriental massage parlor in the Tenderloin! One of the downfalls of
living in the big city.

Yami Bolo and Baby Wayne - Memories 7'' [1991 Digital Kulcha Original Pressing]

Yes Yes Yall-


Monday, May 2, 2011

Professor Nuts - Ina De Bus 7'' [198x Apple Tree Original Pressing]

Reminds me of riding Muni in San Francisco... always some crazy stuff
going on in the bus. From drunken fights to crackheads to crazies to
public urination, I've seen it all!

I <3 Muni
Gregory Isaacs - Chisholm Avenue 7'' [198x Redman International Original Pressing]

Digi roots track by the one and only. One of the smoothest voices in the reggae game hands down.

Blacka Rankin - Dutty Bungle 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

Raise Up Yu Hand If Yu No Dutty Bungle!

Bath Time
Carl Meeks and Daddy Lilly - Lean On Me 7'' [198x Photographer Original Pressing]

Silly rendition of Bill Withers 1970's oldies tune.

New Link
Frankie Jones - Stylee 7'' [198x Rosie Uprising Original Pressing]

Super Duper....