Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joe Simon - Amagideon/Mikey Jarrett - Meter Maid 12'' [1985 Dub-Tone Muzik Original Pressing]

Very nice early digi tunes on same riddim put together by Sly & Robbie....
Version not included.

Sexy ladies....

First Track

Second Track

Leroy Smart - Cream Of the Crop 7'' [1986 Jammys Original Pressing]

Super computerized Chase Vampire riddim extravaganza!!

Pink Panther and Blacka Ranking - Wheelie, Wheelie, One Wheelie 7'' [1984 Godfather Original Pressing]

Bicycle Posse!!

Peddle Dis Way
Mystic - Youths Get Tricked 7'' [199x Leggo/Digikiller Repress]

Hard rootsy tune indeed.

Terror Fabulous - Cool When Mi Come 'Bout 7'' [1993 Digital B Original Pressing]

Bad boy on di shine and criss riddim! Brup Brup!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ras Abraham and Dignitary Stylish - Consider Me 7'' [1989 Pisag Original Pressing]

Never heard of Ras Abraham but he's got a nice voice....
Dignitary murders it as usual.

A music video for the song as well (recentely posted on Higher Region's blog):

Download Here
Lyrical - Cock Up and Ride 7'' [1989 Kesta Original Pressing]

Horseman tune!! Mud Up riddim again....


Trackel Berry - Respect Every Sounds 7'' [1990 Tachyon Original Pressing]

Any info on this dude? Did he later change his name to Chuckle Berry?
Either way, nice tune-

Get It Here

Joe Mannix, Shaman, and Admiral Gold Man - No Problem 7'' [1985 Harry J Repress]

Another wicked combo, this time a trio.

Scion Sashay Success - No Worry You Mind 12'' [1987 Selectors Choice Original Pressing]

Positive vibrations!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Howie - Love Life 7'' [1987 Vena Original Pressing]

Different (and better) than the Blue Trac version....

Here Ye'
Pinchers - Sit Down Pon It 7'' [198x Redman International Original Pressing]

Later I'll post Super Cat's version of this track on the Powerhouse label (over Pincher's Don't Distress riddim)....


Yami Bolo - People Of South Africa 7'' [1993 Yam Euphony Original Pressing]

Another nice roots cut-


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wayne Palmer - Cool Profile / Trevor Levy - Murderer 12' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Tubby's signature sound on both of these.... Palmer's track on the same riddim as Robert French's Mi Raggamuffin [Black Solidarity], and Levy's track on Anthony Redrose's Worries Again [Firehouse]. Both killer chunes!! Versions included....

Side A

Side B

U.T. Dread - Prayer to Jah 12'' [199x Penthouse Original Pressing]

Mid-90's deep digi roots.... amazing song-

Collin Roach and African - Watch This Sound 7'' [1992 Jammys Original Pressing]

Nice clash tune inna combi stylee....

Rite Hurr'
Little John - Foreign Mind 7'' [1984 Romantic Original Pressing]

...With a local body!

Get It While It's Hot!
Papa San - Dem Fe Dead 7'' [1990 Black Scorpio Original Pressing]

As catchy as this song as, its hard for me to like it with so much homophobic negativity.


Early Black - Rambo Mi Rambo 7'' [1989 Dennis Star Original Pressing]

Another prominent theme of the 80's, DJ's compared their sound clash killings to the massacres Stallone handed out in his cheesy but awesome movies!

Snag Here
Lovindeer - Wild Gilbert 12'' [1988 TSOJ Original Pressing]

Many a tunes were written about the hurricane that hit the Carribean in 1988....
In Jamaica alone it killed 45 people and caused $4 billion of damage.
With such a catastrophe at hand its amazing how many of the "Gilbert" tracks are quite upbeat, optimistic, and like this one, even comical.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Patrick Andy - What A Heat 7'' [198x Spiderman Original Pressing]

Hot sauce.

Tony Curtis - Stranger In the Night 7'' [1994 Digital B Original Pressing]

Billy Jean Riddim, that in my opinion, rivals Shinehead's numerous versions.

Listen Here
Junie Ranks - Ready Fi Them 7'' [1986? Techniques Original Pressing]

One of the best of the many [mostly underrated] female Dj's in the late 80's....
She kills this one!


Dicky Ranking - Rap Man 7'' [1989 Jammys Original Pressing]

'Nother hip hop track.... this time over sleng teng! Check out all the shout outs to the Kingston crews and venues of the time-

Pump Up the Juice