Bless Up

Bless Up

Monday, November 28, 2011

White Mice - Dally Stylie 7'' [1985 Tuffest Vibes Original Pressing]

White Mice had one of the most unique/funniest deliveries and voice in
my opinion, yet he still managed to deliver hit after hit in the late
80's, mainly on the Intelitec label. While he started his career at a
young age, his high-pitched/childish voice never seemed to dissapear,
leading to his instantly recognizable vocals.

This track is on Neville Dreadlock's rare label, and I'm loving the
label art and font layout. Anyone know what's the name of the hat
Neville's wearing? Seen lots of old dancehall artists rocking 'em, but
don't know where to find them. Thanks!

Michael Buckley - Strong Musician 7'' [1987 Sunset Original Pressing]

This one's on the Revolution/Here I Come riddim, originally by
Barrington Levy, and later adapted by Harry J for Barry Back's Music
Tonight. This is the one off of that version. Crucial!!

Yagga Yo
Carl Meeks - Love Of Jah 7'' [198x Photographer Original Pressing]

Funky version of Meeks favorite riddim to ride... Koloko! While I still
think Youth Man is a ruffer cut, this one gives it a run for its money.
As far as I know, this track doesn't appear on any LP, only on this 7''
format. Check it out-

Jah Jah
Robert French - Pretended Lover 7'' [1983 All Sport Original Pressing]

Though the digital sound didn't become official untill the drop of
Sleng Teng by Jammy at the 4 Sound Clash of 1985, there were still
tunes as early as '83/'84 that displayed digikal sounds. While by '85
tunes were fully computerized, some of these earlier tracks are not
quite strictly digi. Still, they represent a piece of history... a
transitional phaze that eventually lead to the death of the studio
band, and the rise of the golden era of digital dancehall. This tune
here by French is absolutely beautiful, with the hauntingly melodic
piano and heavy bass. Another rare find....

Boom Shot
Frankie Wilmott - I Won't Give Up 7'' [198x Jah Life Original Pressing]

This murderous song was originally released on 7'' by Jah Life, and
12'' on their subsidiary, Music House. It was repressed last year on
both 7'' an 12'' on Music House, though as far as I know, the only og 7''
press is on Jah Life. The riddim is identical to Culture Paul's Mini
Van Man, which is also a huge tune. Enjoy this rarity!

Bless I
Frankie Paul - Call The Brigade 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Another rude rude sound killer. This one to the Bad Boy Toney riddim
that Papa San made famous. Though this one is chockfull of ambulance
and car alarm sounds. Madness!!

Admiral Tibett - New Tactics 7'' [1987 Redman International Original Pressing]

Pure mash-down tune! Tibett could be considered one of the earliest
artists of the "roots revival" movement, which has sparked modern day
conscious artists like Anthony B, Sizzla, Jah Mason, etc... While
Garnet Silk is often given the credit for being the first to start this
sound, Tibett was spitting progressive lyrics since the mid 80's.
Here's a great example. This tune was recently repressed by Dub Store
in Japan.

Listen Here

Also, I know everyone is a big fan of Mediafire, but I've been having
trouble uploading in their servers, so I'm switching to Depositfiles
for now, unless someone can suggest something better.
Sorry about not posting for over a
month... Been in a transitional phase at work, and so shits been
hectic. Got some big tunes coming your way though! Thanks for following
the blog. Stay tuned....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nitty Gritty - Got To Make It 7'' [198x Mello Sounds Original Pressing]

Rewind selector, all di massive move your feet! Rare og pressing of the
Nitty classic tune. This one was produced by Eric Bubbles aka Derrick
Howard of the African Brothers group (with Sugar Minott and Tony Tuff).
Bubbles owned and operated the Progressive label, which recently teamed
up with Gold Shop to repress this tune on his label. Enjoy mi bredren!!

Mellow Me Mellow
Junior Delgado - Bus I Skull 12'' [1988 Fashion Original Pressing]

Rude rude chune! Nice and ominous track, obviously UK produced. The
80's UK digi scene had a very distinct style, this being a good example
of it. Version included...

Junior Brammer - Hell In A De Dance 7'' [1987 WKS Original Pressing]

Brammer is another under-rated DJ who recorded some pretty tuff tracks. This is one of them... recorded in '87 of course haha.

Courtney Melody - Screechie Across The Border 7'' [1987 Stereo One Original Pressing]

The tune that started it all!! Seriously though, 1987 was the year of
digital dancehall. So many classics came out that year it's
mind-boggling. This was one of those songs... so crucial that they
named the riddim after it. Here's an og copy of it, not the shoddy
repress out now. Also check out Lieutenant Stitchie's Story Time track
on Stereo One over the identical riddim (posted earlier).

Kill Anotha Soundboy
Pablo Nkomo - Wicked Murderer 7'' [1984 Sunset Original Pressing]

Crazy computerized-voiced tune over the Answer riddim. Another obscure early digi era DJ!
Hypocrites, back-stabbers, murders, inciters, vampires... will have to deal with Jah when Judgement comes!!

Wha Dat?
Little John - Nothing Is Impossible/Horace Ferguson - Walk Out On Me 12'' [1984 Jedi Original Pressing]

Nice double-sided early semi-digi tune. Loving the sing-jay stylee!! Both tunes include riddims.

Side A

Side B
Lilly Melody - Older Than Me 7'' [198x Firehouse Original Pressing]

Young gal bleach all night and end up flappy flappy! Melody kills over
the same riddim as John Wayne's Me No Reponse tune, which was posted on
the blog earlier. Enjoy-

Here Ye Go

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sanchez and Stingerman - Hello Josephine 7'' [198x Vena]

Another cover of the famous 1960 hit by Fats Domino. For some reason
this song was a popular one to cover in the dancehall days, though so
were many other oldies and classic blue, soul and r&b tunes. This
version is a bit more sped up and ominous, with a riddim kinda
reminiscent of Daddy Freddy's Bad Boy A Street. Any help here on the
riddim? Thanks guys-

Oh Hi Hello(?)...
Screwdriver - Change My Love 7'' [1987 Harry J Original Pressing]

"Nothing's gonna change my love for you..."

Bruce Lee and Lideay - Dibi Dibi Girl 12'' [1986 Yammie Original Pressing]

One of the many things I love about the dancehall golden era was how
many artists took other celebrities names as their stage names. I mean
who would wanna go up against John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan,
or Bruce Lee (all reggae artists) in any battle? Let alone a sound
Enjoy this silly ass tune!

Hey Hey
Horace Ferguson - On My Own 7'' [198x Ujama Original Pressing]

Pounding bass rewind rewind!

Junior Reid - One Blood/Married Life 12'' [1989 JR Original Pressing]

Two classic examples of why I love the Waterhouse singing style... Tremendous 12''!!
One Blood's lyrics are so relevant over 20 years later still.

Side A

Side B

Sunday, September 18, 2011

King Kong - No Touch De Gorilla 7'' [1987 She Get Up And Skank Original Pressing]

Another rare and hard to find record produced by Bunny Lee. This was
repressed recently by a French company... but this is the real deal og
pressing!! Do not pass on this-

Ape Man Caan Test
Sammy Levi - It's A Shame 12'' [198x Witty Original Pressing]

This beat is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet to the song!

Ey Ey, Ey Yo!
Everton Chambers - Inexperience Lover 7'' [1988 Original Pressing]

Super wicked Everton tune!! Pretty much anything of his on the Parish
label is pure gold... His shit goes for crazy prices on Ebay, not
suprisingly! Enjoy the madness-

Early B - GI Joe 12'' [Energetic Original Pressing]

The Doctor lays down his fascination with the show...
Watch out for the Cobra posse!!

Dr. Who?
Ini Kamoze - Hardware 7'' [1991 Xterminator Original Pressing]

Another massive tune! Fast paced, sleng teng influenced beat by Fattis!

Frankie Paul - Little Walter 12'' [198x CADI Original Pressing]

There's another version of this tune on the Fashion label (which I also
have) that isn't even close to as tuff as this version. This same
version appears on the Blue Mountain label too I believe. Instrumental
is included...

Get It Here

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sugar Minott - Rub A Dub Sound 7'' [1987 Taxi Original Pressing]

Love this riddim!


Sorry I've gotten side tracked... more coming soon.

Wayne Wonder - Diana 7'' [198x Crat]

One of his earliest tune's... before he became Mr. Bashment lol-


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sluggy Ranks - Sodom And Gomorrah/Remix 12'' [199x Part II Original Pressing]

Huge huge boom tune! Sluggy killer original press. Similar riddim to
Tempo... Includes "remixed" alternate version with instrumental
included, labeled as Radio Mix on vinyl.

This Side

That Side

Junior Brammer - Shack Out 7'' [199x Ragamuffin Original Pressing]

Yagga yaggo yo!


Michael Flint - My Special Lady 7'' [198x Jam-Rock Original Pressing]

Yes yes obscure digi!


Daddy Irie - Ice Cream Vendor 7'' [1986 Scarface Original Pressing]

Wha dem a do when di cream man come?


Anthony Redrose - 'Fraid A Prison/Puddy Roots and Dirty Harry - Josephine 12'' [198x Toughest Original Pressing]

Nice rare UK double-sided disco 12'' with versions included.

Side A

Side B

Yellowman - Girls Watcher 7'' [1986 Sunset Original Pressing]

Yellow describes his voyeur fetish haha-


Black Chiney - Dibbi Dibbi Deacon 7'' [198x Music Master Original Pressing]

For all the crooked churchmen...

Get It

Pinchers and Frankie Paul - Nuttin' No Deh 12'' [198x Vena Original Pressing]

Sweet sing-jay combo. When Pinchers and Fattis hook up it's always a hit!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Tiger - No Wanga Gut 7'' [1986 Tiger Original Pressing]

Massive Tiger chune! Check out di video...

Tigre Del Caribe

Shabba Ranks - Roots And Culture 7'' [1989 Digital B Original Pressing]

Slackness beware!! Tuff Stalag!!

Culture Lick Out

King Kong - Not A Bwoy Caan Test We/Mic Ninja - Die Hard 12'' [1991 Gussie P Original Pressing]

Two ruff cuts over the Run Down The World riddim... Don't think I can
pick a favorite, both are soundy boy killers for sure! Ninja's includes
version by Mafia and Fluxy at the end.

Side 1

Side 2

Chuck Turner - Special Lady 7'' [198x Crat Original Pressing]

For all the ladies out there, you know who you are!
This one goes out to my fiancee Jen-


Phillip Frazier - Your Pretty Look 7'' [1984 Shelter Rock Original Pressing]

Nice early digi tune.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleepy Wonder and Jango Thriller - Fade Away/Sleepy Wonder - Nah Nuh Body 12'' [198x Park Heights Original Pressing]

Digikal version of Junior Byles's classic song... Crucial US dancehall!!

Side 1

Side 2
Blinky - Rub A Draw 7'' [1985 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Another pro ganja/anti cocaine tune. Only way to go baby-
Part one of 10 Roosevelt Ave label post!



Tiger - Sitting In Lala 7'' [1986 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Crazy cover of Lee Dorsey's 196o's hit Ya Ya. Would you expect anything less from Tiger?



Echo Minott - Uncle Sam Country 7'' [1985 10 Roosevelt Ave Original Pressing]

Dem foreign minded!
Unfortunately this record's a bit noisy from all the wear...
Not a suprise cuz the track is tuff!

On The DL... Shhh