Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stan Ryck - Easy My Yout / Stan Ryck and General Levy - Easy My Yout "Just Cool" Remix 7'' [1991 Inphyniti Original(?) Pressing]

Killer early-90's, hip hop inspired anthem big upping the conscious yout! The A Side has Ryck solo, and the flip features a remix featuring Levy chatting (not as good as solo). The 12'' release of this also has a slightly different mix of the Ryck tune. Lastly, I've also seen this 7'' with a red label, instead of a white one like my copy... I assume they are both original pressings, but could be wrong. Ryck had a few other releases in the mid-90's on labels like Digital B, but that's about it. I heard somewhere that he had a reputation in the recording industry for being hard to work with... but then again caan trust labba rumors. Either way, this is a deadly tune and a nice little addition to anyone's collection!

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