Bless Up

Bless Up

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blessed Holidays And End Of Another Year To All!

My crazy schedule is taking a mini break for the holidays, so will be posting some new stuff up in next week or two. I'm also hoping to reup all the dead links from the blog's archives. Any comments or suggestions are welcome to, I appreciate the feedback. May even entertain the idea of taking some requests...
Best wishes-


  1. Hi,
    As you're a rare reggae collector, maybe you can help me?
    back when I was 17 in 1990, I recorded some radio show from a reggae pirate radio station in London. I'm looking for some of the tunes:
    Johnny hulk Ashley - Drive Carefully (Pipper records)
    Johnny Osbourne - Dance Floor
    Chakademus - Town & Country
    Dirtsman - All Jamaican girls
    Little Twitch - Good Tings (Old Brock riddim Music master label)
    Danny Dread - El Espanol
    Bunny General - Mi name Bunny
    Little Twitch - Tomarock
    Courtney Melody - Dont cry
    Cutty ranks - the bommer
    Rude boy Kelly - Gu Way
    Little Twitch - Dollars a do it
    Tiger - Roll Yu Belly
    Pan Head - Too red eye
    Mickey Tuff - Go Look di wok (Mikey Tuff)
    Wayne Fire & Little Robert - Bad sound boy
    Tweetie Bird - Look out
    Daddy Lilly - Must Haffi Stand Up

    I'm also on the look out for the following tracks, which I have clips from but don't know full titles and in some instances, don't know artists. Here is a link to the clips:

    The DJ mentioned the admiral bailey and Papa San tunes are from an album titled Rub A Dub to Kill, which was released in 1990, but I can't find ANY evidence or track listing anywhere. Any help please??
    The Papa San track is the same riddim as Admiral baileys - Science Again...but can't find the title of the track or ANY other tune with the same riddim


  2. Sorry, the dropbox link doesn't's one that does