Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dave Robinson - Have To Go Thru 12'' [1985 Leggo Original Pressing]

Ridiculous cut of Tempo riddim by little recorded singer Robinson. From what I can garner, most of his small catalog of releases date back to the 70's... yet all of a sudden this massive anthem of his emerged in the mid 80's. Only the second release by the then new Leggo label, this tune is a much sought after 12''. Re-pressed by Digikiller a little while ago, glad to hear this release getting the recognition it deserves. Audio shines through nicely on my rip, but sorry for the crappy quality of pic!

Love the message here, always reminding us to be undeterred by whatever obstacles life throws at us. If you listen to the lyrics, Robinson starts of by saying "I have to go thru", but by the end he's saying "I will go thru!" Not sure why this reminded me of him, but still want to pay tribute to a true San Francisco legend, Robin Williams. Rest In Paradise-

More excuses, more lagging, but more tunes coming next week I promise...

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