Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wayne Smith - My Sweet Love / Tonto Irie - Murder Commit 12'' [198x Unity Original Pressing]

Ohh man this is another rare record for you guys! Though both sides are produced by King Jammy, they were only released on this Unity 12'' in the UK. Side A features a blistering cut of Sammy Levi's Come Off The Road (also on this blog), which to me reminds of the E20 riddim. For examples of that riddim see Sammy Dread's Warrior on Witty, and Wayne Smith's original E20 cut on the Sleng Teng LP by Greensleeves. Side B is equally ruff, featuring deejay Tonto Irie massacring a digital version of Every Tongue Shall Tell riddim. Irie spins a story about trying to go on tour to Paris but the plane crash lands... and when he's taken to the operating table they discover he has a bad case of reggae mylitis (see King Kong tune on Sunset label) which causes him to have big lyrics from his head to his schlong. Hilarious and brilliant tune, though he really just ends up repeating the same verse twice in a row. For some strange reason only Side A included the version (which I've left on for you here). Enjoy!

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