Bless Up

Bless Up

Monday, December 30, 2013

Raphael Foster - Dancehall Night / Devon Barton - Who Seh De Gun Dem Pudung 7'' [199x Wild Geese Original Pressing]

Oh man this is a tuff double sided release on the same sharp version of the Tonight riddim. You don't see double sided 7'' dancehall vinyl often, but both sides are killers. You can also get this repressed, but og is always preferred! Raphael Foster, better known as Romeo Django, and Wild Geese productions are still recording and performing today.

Gun Pudung

 Junior Spice - Keep On Burning 7'' [198x Wild Geese Original Pressing]

While the above 7'' is from the early 90's, this release is an earlier one from Adrian Shippy that predates that one by several years. Here we see another killer Tempo cut, by Jr Spice aka Alric Deass aka Al Sencere, and is on the same instrumental as Romeo Django's Them A Run Come. In fact, the version was so killer, that Romeo recorded a bunch of modern artists over it, and released a Dancehall Tempo Showcase LP in 2011.

Keep On Turning

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