Bless Up

Bless Up

Monday, December 30, 2013

Junior Reid - Loving Juvenile 12'' [1991 Rockers Forever Original Pressing]

Reid just has such an unmistakeable and distinct voice and delivery... the likes that created plenty of imitators inna Waterhouse styleee. He had two rough releases on Henricka Richards' Rockers Forever label... Poor Man Transportation (the 7'' posted awhile ago) and this guy. Both killer conscious releases about the youthman lifestyle in the garrisons of Kingston. This 12'' was the original version, while a remix with Bajja Jedd came out two years later on the same label.

Sluggy Ranks - No Money Na Run 12'' [1991 Rockers Forever Original Pressing]

Sluggy was another singer with a great style, highlighted on his only release on the RF label, this Sleng Teng-vaganza of a chune! Neither of these two rips include the versions on here. RIP the Slug-

Money Move

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