Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sister P - Big Bout Ya 7'' [198x Black Beauty Original Pressing]

Early digi release on independent label best known for it's Delroy Melody singles. I don't know much about Sister P, as she did not release much, but she sounds like a Sister Nancy impersonator on this tune. There weren't many female deejays in the 80's, and unfortunately they did not have the most creative names either. Many of them went by Sister or Lady (sometimes interchangeably) something or another... so you have artists with names like Lady Patra, Lady  G, Lady Anne, Sister Charmaine, etc. This makes it hard to distinguish some artists, so Sister P could perhaps have changed her name later to Lady P (see clash video below... not my clip). When it comes to female digi deejays though, I think Junie Ranks had to be my fave!

Check out this classic clash vid from Sting '89!

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