Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jr Coxs - Love Is Magic 7'' [198x Rythmn International Original Pressing]

As a dancehall record collector, nothing excites me more than finding a rare, crucial independent record that was pressed limitedly and is virtually unknown. Jamaica is infamous for this, as the volume of music that has come out of the island is per capita higher than any other nation on earth. You can hunt for years and years, yet still come across something you've never even heard of. Especially in the 80's, with the dawn of the digital era, vinyl releases exploded, and there were a ton of one hit wonder singers, deejays, and producers trying to strike it big. Here's a great example of that by the singjay Junior Coxs(?). Tuff instrumental + sharp vocals + homemade label art = crucial chuneage! Unlike some soundsystems that may try to horde these tunes for themselves, I've tried my best (and will continue to do so) to share some of these releases with you all to spread the vibes. Bless up!!

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  1. yes man, your sharings are truly apreci"loved" hehe