Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Super Black - We Nah Go Run Down 7'' [198x Jam Rock Original Pressing]

Super Black is one of those singers that had some massive releases, but for some reason never blew up big. Some of his releases on the Jam Rock label, like these 2 examples, are classic digi scorchers. He also a string of hits for King Jammy (We Ready For Them being the only LP he cut) and King Tubby (check out the Rising Star 7''). Most of his stuff, besides the more widely distributed singles on Jammys, go for a lot now a days, as many a digi head has picked up on his body of work. This release here is one of his biggest tunes from his hey-day, and this is an immaculate copy of the og press. Enjoy!

Super Black - S.O.S. 7'' [198x Jam Rock Original Pressing]

This tune is not as well known as the one above, but is just as crucial. Black croons about needing to be saved from his love problems as desperately as someone on a sinking ship! Biiiiiiim...

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