Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well Happy Holidays to all of you dancehall fans out there. I hope that this time of the year finds you all healthy and well. It's a lot of fun sharing with this online community of digi heads, and I look forward to posting more great tunes for your pleasure. This time around I've posted some pretty big tunes, hope you enjoy them! I guess we should all at the very least be glad that the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012 wasn't true, and that we will all live to see another year of positive vibes here on earth. Check out the following songs I've posted up, as well as these two modern dancehall tunes that have been very inspirational to me lately!

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  1. Happy New Year Raggamuffin415.
    Thanks for sharing this great music with us.

    Bless you