Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Courtney Melody's Likkle Vibes
Courtney Melody - Put It Down 7'' [1988 Sunset Original Pressing]

Classic anti drug and gun tune. Conscious music!

Courtney Melody - Loving Woman 7'' [198x Waterhouse Original Pressing]

Tubby's version of Modern Girl riddim. Loving tune!

Courtney Melody - Roots Man Corner 7'' [1988 Redman International Original Pressing]

Ruff cut of Heavenless by Hugh James. Another dread romance song.

Courtney Melody - Satan 7'' [198x Buzz Rock Original Pressing]

Melody singing about tearing down Babylon Satan system and building a new one.
More consciousness.

Courtney Melody - Tell Them 7'' [198x Taurus Original Pressing]

One of the best Tubby digikal riddims he put out in my opinion. Ruff tuff bassline!

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