Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Frankie Paul and Sanchez - Come Down Jesus 7'' [198x Palmer Bros Original Pressing]

Oh man this is a ruff cut of the Drifter riddim! The 80's saw a step back in the Rastafarian movement (that was big in Jamaica in the 70's), as Christian sects, that have been popular on the island for hundreds of years, had sort of a resurgence. At the same time, you had so many takes on Rasta practices, that you had some groups using Jesus and Jah interchangeably. The great producer Yabby You was just one of many artists that was controversial for professing these views. So while this tune does speak of Jesus, I imagine they are referring to Jah just as much, as I've heard both Paul and Sanchez mention HIM in other tracks. As an added bonus, this 7'' has an acapella version on the B side too...

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